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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Complaint against SIA CC for smoking

There is a big complaint and debate in this forum about crew smoking in uniform. People don't understand that most if not all of SIA flights are stressful and when you get people like the complainant,crew's lives are thrown into a turmoil. Slightest things they complain.
Passengers are extremely demanding and complain about petty things. A few in the forum blamed SIA for the crew's behaviour. There is so much the management could do so don't blame them.
My advice for those who has nothing better to do than complain about petty things to buzz off! Why don't spend your energy on something more useful like how to beat the recession or create more jobs for S'poreans? These people have chicken backside mouth and complain and complain and add more misery to the crew who is already trying to cope with nasty passengers.


Anonymous said...

Wa!!!! This guy really eat full full no shitty...confirm kana dump by his smoking FSS, now want to get back at her. Shoot another letter to Forum! All crew know what they can or cannot do lah, if they choose to do it still, it just means that they are not afraid of the punishment lah =) what can you do Kenneth ??? Sack them?? If they are afraid then they would not do it in the 1st place. Smoking has been going on since day 1 of SIA even before the iconic thingy came about but still SIA became #1.Do you really think that it will affect the image of SIA? Where is the human rights? Do you seriously think that by staying in Singapore we should loss all our basic rights as a human?

Get a life man, Its people like you that make Singapore so much more a "complain complain only nanny state".

SIA still not ensuring cabin crew conduct themselves well

(Extracted from Straits Times Online Forum dated 24 April 09:)

A FORTNIGHT ago, I wrote to express my dismay at seeing Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew smoking and talking loudly at the arrival area of Changi Airport Terminal 3, and how such irresponsible behaviour could hurt the public's perception of the carrier ('SIA cabin crew smoke, talk loudly at airport'; Forum Online, April 9).

SIA replied that 'crew are reminded to be well-groomed and on their best behaviour when in uniform' ('SIA will remind cabin crew of correct behaviour'; Forum Online, April 13). It also gave the assurance that crew will be reminded about 'the importance of observing these standards'.

However, when I visited the airport again on Sunday and Monday, I was bitterly disappointed to discover that the smoking and chatting persisted.

Like the first time around, cabin crew - the Singapore Girls dressed in their iconic sarong kebaya and male crew in smart bespoke suits - congregated at the arrival pick-up area, puffing away on their cigarettes.

I asked a stewardess - an affable, non-smoking one - to approach the airline's cabin crew control centre, in the hope that I could get someone to make the cabin crew put out their cigarettes.

My request was turned down by the officer in charge, who said the matter was outside the jurisdiction of the department.

What appalled me most was when I found out that, two weeks after SIA's letter, cabin crew still had not received any advisory or circular from the airline with regard to the issue.

The chain of events set me thinking whether customer feedback is valued, let alone acted on, by the airline. Is a world-class airline not supposed to have the same high standards of efficiency?

SIA crew, as internationally renowned icons of the airline, and literally ambassadors of Singapore to the world, have a moral obligation to uphold the good reputation the airline has established over the years, by ensuring that the highest standard of propriety is maintained at all times.

Kenneth Cheng

Hotel Chef said...

ya lor this kenneth guy is full of shit! he think just because sia is no.1 airline crew cannot smoke.get a life kenneth tpyical stinka porean.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth... u sure that people are looking? I think only you are the one who is looking. You are the only KAYPO one. You really have the time to ask CC to stop them from smoking? Oh my goodness... really please have a life. God please dun let you be an employer, welfare and human rights can never come from you. Take a look at other airports from other 5 star airlines and you can see their respective cabin crew smoking too. Do their citizens complain? NOPE, ONLY YOU.

Human right activist said...

"Anonymous said...
Kenneth... u sure that people are looking? I think only you are the one who is looking. You are the only KAYPO one....."

I fully agree with Anonymous.Kenneth u are an asshole!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why S.T. choose to publish what an ASSHOLE have to say....must be nothing better to chose from or they are trying to become a gossip newspaper. So disappointed that the major Newspaper here publish such article....really no standard, no wonder so many people don't bother to read S.T. now. Only those super "bo liao" people die die must read....(hint : those Asshole pax onboard, no S.T. will start crying and go crazy....)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Cheng

What is wrong with the crew smoking ? Yes I agree with you , smoking is bad for the health. But it's the perogative of the individual person to exercise his or her health problem.

If the cabin crew is seated and in a prim and proper manner , what is the problem. After all they are found smoking in a smoking zone. Unless that crew is found smoking in a non smoking area . Then this calls for some discipline.

I am not a smoker and I understand the agony and withdrawal syndrome one experience from abstaining. We can only advise , guide and preach. At the end of the day , it's his or her call.

Unless it's so bad then let the law bans it once and for all. Like narcotic drugs - no second thought !!

Please spare these poor souls their decent rights as smokers. After a long and tiring flight , nothing beats a stick for a smoker , a cup of latte for coffee lovers , a can of cola for cola lovers etc ... I am sure you have your own cravings too.

Get a life and move on. I am sure if you see beauty in everything , your life will be a pleasant and happy one.

If all you see is bitterness and wrongdoings , then it speaks volume of the kind of life you are living in.

My two cents !!

Luv Matahari

Anonymous said...

Pls lah this idiot Ah Cheng,(if you are reading this)
Get yourself with better life and exposure.
Smoking does not equate to bad personality or character, as it is now, crew are already hiding one corner in basement to smoke not as if they are smoking outside departure hall whereby most travellers more so what has smoking got to do with service onboard? so don't judge !!!
If talking loudly (which is very subjective) offends you, i suggest you go elsewhere other then airport cos it never a quiet place.

So what's next?
Crew cannot eat fastfood or at foodcourt?

Have some other constructive advice !!!

Positive Man said...

"..Pls lah this idiot Ah Cheng,(if you are reading this)..."
That idiot is bored with his life and that's why he was finding fault with crew.

Anonymous said...

This Kenneth is a 20 yr old kid. Hope he kena tekan @ NS. He wrote to ST the 1st time abt SIA when he was 15 yrs old.His mother must be a stewardess who ran away and left the family & him.He is very bitter now.He comes from a broken family.Pls forgive him.

Anonymous said...

This Kenneth is a 20 yr old kid. Hope he kena tekan @ NS.....
That's true dat sploit brat!