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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Crew promotions and salary

Any crew would want to be promoted to a higher rank in the company.Very few are contented to be just a junior flight steward or stewardess (FS or FSS).
In SQ one can go up from being a stewardess/steward to a leading stewardess/steward (LSs or LS) then to be a chief(CS or CSS) and an inflight supervisor(IFS or IFSs).From IFS one could be a CTS or check training supervisor or inflight auditor (dual function).The difference in pay( Basic)between a FSS and an IFSs could be anywhere between $1,500 to $2,000 a month. The total difference in terms of allowances,basic,bonuses etc could average $3,000 to $4,000 a month.In other words, an IFSs could take home about $7,000 and a FSS $3,500 per month. So which idiot would not want to be promoted?
A graduate cabin crew executive with a 2nd upper honours starts with about $3,500. An "O" level  fss/fs starts with with the same salary (inclusive of all sorts of allowances). No wonder so many wanna join SQ as a cabin crew.

To go up to the first level of promotion from a fss/fs to lss/ls it would take about 5 years. There were times when there was a severe shortage of cabin crew and coupled with rapid expansion, it took about 3 years to be promoted to lss/ls. In the early 1970s,a crew serving 3 to 6 months had been promoted. I remember a steward by the name of C. Heng and B.T.Ho were promoted to ls rank before even being confirmed in their position as a fs.
There were crew at other period were not promoted to ls even after working for 10 years. This case happened to guys more often than girls.
For a cabin crew to reach the position of an IFS,it would take about 15 years.

Nowadays,there is almost zero chance of any crew holding an "O" level education can make it to the CCE rank. This position is for 2nd upper and higher only. Although a CCE starts with a $3,500 salary ( per month)their prospects of being a manager  is good. A junior manager probably gets a salary of around $7,000 to $10,000. A senior manager gets around $12,000 depending on length of service and the number of merit increaments they obtained each year. SVP would score anything from $20,000 to $40,000 a month. 

PS: the above salary figures are from my own assessment and may not be necessarily accurate. Managers and more senior staff salaries are kept confidential. 


Anonymous said...

management in cc always promote the undeserving few...a few cases of ifs and excts investigated for unappropiate behavior

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your posts, it brought back so many happy memories! Thanks BT for sharing and I'm looking forward to more stories!

Anonymous said...

That's because more often than not, office politics determine who gets promoted, not real merits. Do you know why most organisatins are so screwed up in terms of policy-making and general management? It's because most of the upper management staff are major politicians and not real hardworkers who are passionate about their jobs. The passionate ones are usually the unsung heros at the lower end of the organisational hierarchy, because they spend too much time and energy on the real work and neglect playing politics.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why these cabin crew are paid higher than most other entry level degree jobs in the market. Air crew do not deserve getting paid so much for doing so little in the air. I work for an airline myself and if given the opportunity, would make cabin crew a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

You want to get promoted?
You must pay your way up lah!

$200 for VG Checks GS FSS
$400 for VG Checks LS LSS
$800 for VG Checks CS CSS


I paid my way up and see how good life we IFS have ??

Too bad the Heads have already left the Airlines; otherwise the downlines can continue this scheme.

Anonymous said...

Previous Double HONOURS Graduates also dont want to remain stinking in the airlines; what is so good about cabin crew ???

you want to FLY-FOREVER and rot in the air IZZIT???