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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fond memories of this SVP

His name was Captain Segar and he was our first SVP (formerly known as DIS or Director of Inflight Service)in cabin crew. He was with us from 1975 to 1977.
To many of us,he was the best SVP we had. Captain was a amicable and likeable chap. He got along well with his staff and many crew,in particular with us the CCEs (formerly known as Training Check Steward/Stewardess. We had strong backing from him and during his tenure with cabin crew, we won many awards for being the best cabin crew in the world.
During those days we worked hard but also played as hard. I can still recall the time when there was live telecast of the boxing match between Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier in Manila in 1975, Capt. allowed us to bring a portable tv set to the office. We, together with our colleagues and our SVP watched the much talked about match during office hours. I can recall any other bosses who would allow such activity during office hour.
It was almost like a ritual where every morning before we start the training sessions, Capt and us,the check stewards and Edward Lim the training manager would be having our coffee right in his office.
After our coffee, Capt would asked us to summon a staff from the catering department to place our 4-digit bet.
There was an occasion when one of our colleagues tried to impress our big boss by dismissing himself from the morning coffee and wanted to start work as it was already 9am. He was jokingly chastised by captain and told,"..you don't start work till we finished our coffee and cigarette.." So by the time the session ended it would be around 9:30am.
We were invited by Capt on several occasions to his home for meals and drinks.
Capt passed away a couple of years back in Scotland of throat cancer. May his soul rest in peace.

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