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Friday, April 24, 2009

Magnanimity of our cabin crew.

All her thirty plus years as a cabin crew ground staff,Lin had seldom been nice or kind to the cabin crew. When approached for help,she would either try to avoid helping them or offered assistance reluctantly. Lin also treated us the CCEs in like manner.
As a younger staff back in the early eighties,Lin had applied to be a stewardess with SIA.Each time she would failed her interview because she simply did not have the cutting of an SIA gal. She did not have a likeable or pleasant face.
As a result,she was envious of the crew and the trainees.
Personally as her superior,I found her to be abrupt and untactful most of the times. Most of the crew and trainees dislike but tolerated her.
A few years ago Lin had a stroke which left her paralysed.She was medically boarded out as she was unable to function in the office.
Many of the crew took pity on her as she was the bread winner of the family. The crew and staff collected about $30,000 and gave Lin as a farewell gift. Till today,crew still visit Lin and give her flowers and pray for her recovery.

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