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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Managers who earned my respect

Can only think of a few managers with whom I enjoyed working for. These bosses are decisive and supportive. They didn't worry too much about their svps and dare to make decision without much consultation. Many times,they were being screwed for that. Nevertheless their decisions to discipline or take corrective measures etc had earned much respect and admiration from people like us. Here,I would like to name 2 managers who were admirable and they were the late Mr. Cyril Teo and Mr. Edward Lim whom I believed left SQ and joined Emirates Airlines in the 1980s.
Later after the polls have closed I would give my opinion on the svps we had worked under. Good or bad,I will be honest with my views.


Vincent Seow said...

Looking at the survey by BT Sim KW seems to be most popular cc svp. That man did not contribute much during his tenure as an svp.Sim should be the least pop!

Anonymous said...
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Raja said...
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MP Kho said...

Sim Kay Wee is leading the poll,must be shortie and kakis who supported him

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding BT.
Most popular SVP? He got booted out of the company after SARS.
But claimed that he wanted to emigrate to Perth.

Big bull shit just to safe face!
In fact went to "Patel" Airline.
But also could not agree with one of our ex cc manager there aka known as "Choo Choo " train.
There he got booted out again.

After that the poor soul got no where to go but to come back tp his beloved country.
Came back as a consultant for the "GTEMS"

He will get his KARMA for his evil deeds.

This is the worst SVP in CC.
What skills and experience has he got? Just a brief stint at Harvard.
A true Non Performer!

Wee's buddy said...

Pls note kay wee immigrated to ADL but lived in PER for a short period.Ask Ah Roy and Shortie because they had stayed at his house in PER.
To me he was 1 of the best SVP.Why don't you like him?? Maybe you were a CT before and kay wee got rid of you,right? Cheers to Kay wee!

John Chan said...

As a long retired crew let me give my 2cts worth. One maybe a SVP, Snr Mgr,Mgr,Cce etc its makes no diff to ppl once you are out of the airline, ppl remembers you for what you were ! Some of the names mentioned in this blog Stinks !Do something all those Stinkos concerned !

Ashamed said...

John you were worst than those names mentioned here.You earned a fat salary but don't even know your work.You were one of the laziest and ignorant CCEs.

Jen said...

Why is everyboy talking about history.Lets hear some on going stories in cabin crew.I am sure B.T can start the ball rolling

Anonymous said...

Jen ,

How do you expect Uncle BT to write what is currently happening in CC if he is already retired and have his wings clipped ?

Uncle BT can only share with all the readers his past and what he is busy with at this present moment.

Anyway what is there to write about CC today ? It's dry and boring. It's just work work work.

Flying is no longer the same :(

Luv luv