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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bosses I dreaded working for.

Having good bosses or seniors is an important aspect of working life.It either kills your motivation to work harder or makes you look forward to going to work everyday.
I will touch on the former first i.e. having bad bosses.
Over a long period of time working for SQ,I have worked under more lousy bosses than good ones.
The managers were the worst lot. Most were back-boneless creatures who would sucked up to their svps or seniors. They were indecisive and adopted the "don't rock the boat" attitude. Working under such bosses was very discomforting,demotivating and frustrating.
Just to illustrate what do I mean was a case whereby one of my colleagues, a trainer CCE was shouted at and scolded by a TRAINEE stewardess in the presence of the whole class was told by his training manager to give the rude trainee a second chance. The CCE recommended the girl be sacked.
Another case was a TRAINEE steward who defied and challenged the trainer to sack him was let off the hook by the training manager. Fortunately for the division,svp Thoeng overruled and sacked that gangster-like trainee.
The main reason for not wanting to dismissed those rude and arrogant trainees was "too much admin work would be involved and have to answer to many questions etc..."
Crew who had strong link with the union were also let off the hook even though they had committed serious offences ....reason? want to maintain good relations with the union. Other crew were sacked and some was even referred to the police eg. chief steward Jimmy Woon's case. Worst still would be those who openly opposed the union.
Well well,I hope the current managers and senior staff aren't like those during my time.
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Ian said...
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Ian said...

Now I want to know what Jimmy Woon did to get himself sacked.

A BA steward once told me that in order to get an unpopular colleague sacked they stashed some marijuana in his bag and then alerted customs.

Buddy said...

Jimmy was sacked because he was accused of taking liquor from the aircraft,Ian.

Anonymous said...

I used to work with SIA. I would like to share an experience. I had spent countless nights (some up to 11pm plus) preparing a report that was edited by the VP on several occasions. He was finally pleased with the report and we had an early morning meeting with the SVP. During that meeting, the SVP, after I had presented the report, wanted me to change alot of the contents of the report, well, perhaps to show that he is the boss and because he is being paid such a high salary, he had to 'value-add' to the report. When he asked for the changes to be done and questioned why I had inserted certain information into the report, I looked to the VP who was the one who proposed putting those information in. As usual, the VP looked away and didnt say a word. I was totally disappointed with VP. As for SVP, he is just one bossy chap who likes to show off and thinks he is right all the time. I have since left the aviation industry and am in a totally different industry now. Let me tell you, I still meet these type of managers, ie like the SVP and VP (the VP who didnt say it was his idea to insert certain information into the report). Most managers are like that, irresponsible. I have been a manager myself before, and would stand up for my staff if I had given them instructions or the go ahead to do something. Sigh.