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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Response to Japanese gals make best stewardesses

In the above post I talked about how good the Japanese gals were as stewardesses but there was one local stewardess who disagreed with me.Here was her response:

Hi there.

I do not agree that JSS make the best crew. Many of them may show great enthusiasm during training but it is because it is "expected" of them to be so. 

If you understand Japanese culture and social norms, "expectation of one's behaviour" is a biggie to them.

Many of my classmates, the JSS, only pretend to understand the trainers, pretend to flip through their dictionaries, but in actual fact, have no clue what the class is about. 

They rely on us to tutor them, and because they are polite to us, we willingly tutor them.

But once they start flying, they are usually lazy and display only their great pretence skills - busy acting busy.

It is a known fact amongst all cabin crew that foreign crew are generally lazier than local crew, and in alot of cases, foreign crew includes the malaysians as well.

In fact, the japanese and korean girls often make the top of the list as the laziest. Their work is often no good too. This would include service procedure and product/company knowledge and staying abreast of current affairs. 

I agree and stress that the japanese are an extremely polite, charming and cute bunch of people, and they are good at making people like them. But when it comes to work, when it comes to labelling them as the best SIA girl, I beg to differ. They may have been wonderful during your time, but that was a long, long time ago.

Is this a case of envy or sour grapes?


Anonymous said...

The comment was so not true, the top of the list lazy crew in SQ is Korean, Indonesian followed by China crew lah.

Of course there will be lazy crew in any nationality, just that those above mention countries have the most of them. Malaysian crew are generally very hard working crew. Japanese crew are very dedicated and hard working but suffer from the language problem as we Singaporean speak too fast and not in proper English. This create some misunderstanding and orders not followed.

In fact it is well known fact till now in SQ that the best Foreign crew are the Japanese and Taiwanese crew.

Rene Jackson said...

You said it all baby,Jap girls are the bestest!

Anonymous said...

Case of sourgrapes!

Anonymous said...

Marry 1 like Boh Tong to find out :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Japanese Crew are the biggest wayang people that I have come across. They act polite but are not at all well versed in their work. They look down on all the other crew and never join the crew outstation.Yes by being demure and acting like sotong and always sayin sorry in a sad way they are always forgiven..So follow suit

Anonymous said...

We Japanese stewardesses always better than local crew.We work very hard and get scolding by senoir crew.Some cs and ifs want to sleep with us and if not get bad check report.

Anonymous said...

No Stereotyping of people. There are good and bad people from all walks of life. Hardworking, polite, patient, service-oriented ones, while some are lazy, love to play, gossip, relax and let others do the tough work. Hard to find dedicated FSS or FS nowadays, seldom do you find one who puts work first above other things.

Anonymous said...

The good ones will go on to become successful long after they left SIA, reinventing themselves, such as
- bohtong ;)
- the jewelery store owner
- the boutique owner

The lousy ones, not their real names
- Linda seduced a rich Indonesian to hire her as a receptionist at his office in Shentonway, but soon lost her job when another jealous receptionist on a different floor sabotaged her by writing to the boss wife.
(to be continued later)

Anonymous said...

bohtong is successful? got to be kidding because if BT is successful he won't be blogging for a meagre dollar...lol

Anonymous said...

Singies are so $face la. Only connect success with cash.

Being successful means to be at peace with the universe and your fellowmen. Sharing one's experience and pearls of wisdom is a generosity not normally appreciated by the ordinary and ugly crowd.

Do you know how much money various levels of Singapore Inc wasted on matsalleh consultants just to coach locals what-how-why-when to put on tin-foil-hats.

Anonymous said...

i think the chinese ones are the laziest. sorry. multiple times i need to cover rows and do u-turns for them. i go out and serve 3 full carts they still wouldnt have even finished one cart.