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Monday, April 13, 2009

What a load of rave and rant.

1.) Firstly if SIA stewardess have to clear up vomit and puke, then kindly please ask yourself who are the people who contributed to the vomit and puke? Aren't it customers like yourself?? And of course the stewardess would have to serve food, clean the toilets, as well as all things necessary. Then what? Ask the customers to take the food themselves, clean the toilet themselves ah? So you are implying that stewardess in budget airline very high class la, since they refuse to move a finger, don't serve food (if want please pay up first), they don't even bother to ask you what drink you want during the flight la.

2.) The "kebaya" issue is well publicized in the newspapers some months back. The jury is still out on this issue. But the fact is, SIA still making loads of money leh (record profits can). Last I heard their employees getting 6 months bonus leh. So does the kebaya issue really matter? People are still taking SIA whether we like it or not.

3.) I think the only time you see SIA stewardess is onboard their aircraft right?? Do you know any SIA girls personally? Do you know friends who knows them personally? Have you been to Zouk Velvet Underground on Thursday nights? If your answers to the above are "no", then I suggest you reserve your judgement. I'm not saying all SIA girls are super chio bus, but a lot of them look better without their SIA girl make up. Looks is subjective and so is figure. Some men prefer girls with large eyes, long legs, long/short hair, large/small breasts. By the way, do you know SIA employs native Indians, Koreans and Japanese as their foreign stewardess? So if your point about other asian girls having hourglass figures is correct, then SIA do have girls with hourglass figures.

4.) Friend, I have also taken other airlines before. And do u know how old their stewardess sometimes can be?? Some are even old enough to be my mother lah! And would you rather a middle aged lady come smile at you and ask you "Fish or chicken sir?". No Thank you! I'll stick to the relatively younger stewardess in SIA! At least SIA girls are slimmer and hips not so big. Those "ah-mahs" in other airlines sometimes their hips are so big their hips bang into your elbows when you are sitting on an aisle seat la! ouch!

5.) Errr.. did you just give us a bad link? The link you provided is Skytrax awards for year 2005 friend. If I recall correctly, I think now already year 2007 liao leh.. And besides you think Skytrax is the only airline award in the world meh? How come that day I just saw an SIA advertisement in Straits Times indicating all the awards they've won leh? Some of them are from reputable magazines some more leh...

6.) Friend, next time if you don't want stewardess to meddle with your matters on board so much, I suggest you take budget airline la. Best thing is, they won't even bother disturbing you. You die of thirst they probably will be none the wiser also. Besides you also complain SIA so expensive right? So budget airline is win-win for you. Toilet overflowing with shit and urine also stewardess will not clean for you. You ask stewardess to serve food, they Ignore you ah! See their stewardess so Atas (High class). Best thing is, don't need to pay so much for airfare also! HAHA

Above taken from Stomp

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