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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Berks mismanaged fish eatery in Perth.

Lam the owner of a fast food (seafood) chain trusted Berks a former chief steward who was retrenched by SQ to run his eatery in Perth.
Berks was an easy going type of character who was fond of women,wine and songs but not work. SQ retrenched him in 2003 because of his high mc and work attitude. Finding life difficult in S'pore,he and his family immigrated to Perth.
Lam  a former cce with SQ was a friend of Berks and wifey,who was an ex stewardess. Lam was kind to Berks and offered him to run the seafood eatery for him.
Being what he was,Berks screwed up the business and eventually had to shut down the entire business. 
At one point,Berks threatened to sue Lam for "breaking" his contract to hire Berks as his manger for life...what kind of crap was that!
Today,one may be able to spot Berks at Floreat,a small shopping complex in suburban Perth,cleaning  foodcourt tables.In short,Berks is a cleaner at the foodcourt.


Anonymous said...

Boy-O-Boy ! He is better off

running a Brothel ????

Anonymous said...

Berks is in Perth now,he is running few(About 8) restaurant now . His boss is Singaporean. How do i know? I met up with him last time i was in Perth. He is leading a good life there. Not cleaning tables as mention. The chain at the food court belongs to him as he has the biggest share. This is 100% fact.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit! Berks is incapable.What incredible story of him owning a chain of food court. My foot court,you mean,hahaha.

Anonymous said...

is this the one who seduce each and every japanese girl he come across?

Anonymous said...

My Foot ! My Foot ! Haha ! Good luck 2 that scum ! He needs it !

Jeanie said...

"is this the one who seduce each and every japanese girl he come across?"

The answer is a big YES!

Anonymous said...

Stop gosiping about people.thats CABIN CREW;S WEAKNESS.Crew should leave them alone and carry on with their own life.