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Friday, May 29, 2009

Stylistics of cabin crew

Whenever I listen to the Stylistics it remind of a senior crew in SQ. Why was he nick named Stylistics? It's because his voice is high-pitched like the singers above in YouTube.
Let's call him V..ok? V was an ex crony of Eddy's,belonging to the old guard.He broke rank with Eddy many years back. They were in the union together,"fighting" for the crew. They were best of pals way back in the 1980s but something went terribly wrong and became bitter enemies.
V was a gutsy guy who would bet big bucks on horses. He loved roulette and horses more than anything else.He was not interested in the stewardesses,although he married one. V had won and lost huge sums of money in those 2 vices but overall he was a sucker. All gamblers are suckers anyway.
Today,one can still see V at STC ( Not SIA Training Center but S'pore Turf Club)"enjoying" himself,albeit placing small bets of a few $$ at a time.He has since retired from SIA.
Good luck V!!!

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