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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Those who left Singapore.

Those who left Singapore for greener pasture in places like Australia,Canada,USA and others aren't all happy.
Cabin crew get to travel widely and would use their sentiments and feelings for the countries they night stop as a measurement for their immigration. They forget that stopping and having a short experience in a place for a few days is different from living there.
Many made the wrong judgement and concluded that places like Australia,Canada etc would be the places they would spend the rest of their lives comfortably.
Take for an example, an ex IFS called Kong (not his real name)who left SIN for Canada and then some years later made a U turn and wanted to come back to live in SIN. Before that,Kong boasted about lives in Canada. He often made fun of SIN and praised Canada as a place to live and retire comfortably.
Little did Kong know that Canada was like a mirage. After living there for a few years,he found that life was tough.The weather was unkind.He used to stay in SIA provided hotels and did not realised the discomfort of the cold blistering weather outside during the winter months. Staying in a hotel is different from your own house.You can't afford to have the whole house heated 24/7 during the cold months. So it could be miserable to live in an unheated house.
Jobs are hard to come by in Canada especially if you are an Asian. There are subtle discrimination everywhere and suddenly you would find the Caucasian passengers whom you faithfully served on your flights aren't friendly with you anymore,at least on the streets of Canada or Australia or USA.
To make things worst,Kong's wife left him for a Caucasian man.
Broken hearted and without a job and little savings,Kong tried to return to SIN. Bad news though cos Kong had revoked his SIN passport and now is not allowed to apply for citizenship here.

Another case was an IFS who left for Ozland.He and his stewardess wife bought a big house. They thought they could lived happily ever after but they were wrong. They fought like cats and dogs and today he is 6 feet underground.

Of course, there are a few who are happy living overseas. A few made their fortune there but I can count the numbers on my fingers.


Anonymous said...

how true!

i study in the uk and the consensus amongst us msians/sporeans is that we would much rather go back to work rather than overseas.

money is not everything in life. msia and sg are nice places to live in =) (where else can a middle class family hire a maid)

boh tong said...

Wow I've just fininshed blogging and u are so very prompt to comment...thank u kindly.

Anonymous said...

boh tong,start another on eddy.lets continue cursing him

Anonymous said...

Yes.Yes..You will get more traffic if you have a blog and countdown on Eddie Chew retirement.

boh tong said...

Dun be so wicked la u guys for asking me to start a blog about sad u never forgive him..sobs..sobs