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Sunday, May 24, 2009

To be honest Alan and Eddy are .....

To be honest Alan and Eddy are my friends. I've always enjoyed their company when I was with SIA especially during our stops in London.
Remember the time spent in London's Lad Brooke, placing small bets on dogs and horses? Remember the 20 to 1 or even bigger odds we strike when betting on the 4 legged, Alan? Remember the number of cigarettes we puffed watching the races? The adrenaline rush etc....??

As for you Eddy,remember the "no.8 and it's neighbors" bets on roulette? The table clearance,so to speak... after making a few thousand pounds how we cashed in at the Gloucester casino and "chea teh" (drink tea)and puffed Malboro like no tomorrow at Queensway Chinese restaurants etc..

Remember Crystal at International Plaza a couple of years back?

Ha ha ha...now Alan and Eddy know my identity,rite?

You two are still my friends no matter what people say about you.


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh ! Same Same lah ! Birds of the same feathers !

BT said...

ya la we all same same one not like u a lonely bird..hehehe

Anonymous said...

hey bro i know you too....remember my girlfriend (bike) ms kawasaki