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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We love you SIA!

Who does not huh (love SIA)? Make less money the last quarter and yet paying its shareholders a 20 cent dividend for every share held PLUS 738 SATS share (free)for every 1,000 share held!

Wanna know what? This ex-employer of mine has a damn big heart.
May God bless SIA!!!


Anonymous said...

full of shit as we are like orphans in the orphanage with no brothers and sisters or parents to keep us warm and clean or to lead us in a battle with hot competitors.we like to wish all together again like brothers and sisters no points give us divdends we can"t perform like own big brothers and sisters.

Optimist said...

Anonymous what are u whining about?? Can't even express yourself,no wonder so unhappy.