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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another complaint against Singapore Airlines in the ST forum!

Airline needs to buck up on hotline and inflight service
I AM disappointed by Singapore Airlines' apathetic reply on Thursday ("Bulkhead seats: SIA replies") to Ms Karen Wilkinson's letter on Monday, ("Pregnant but SIA has no room for empathy").

Complaints in recent years have centred on a marked deterioration in service standards in the air and on the ground.

Two points require SIA's immediate attention:

1. Customer hotline

Frequently a cause for complaint, SIA's customer hotline has drawn heated criticism from customers who lament appallingly long, and sometimes futile, waits of up to an hour just to reach a customer service officer. Customers pay premium prices to fly with SIA for a simple reason: seamless service. On the contrary, they end up feeling exhausted and short-changed.

2. Inflight service standards

The carrier has slipped going by the rankings. SIA tumbled to fourth place in the Best Cabin Staff category at this year's World Airline Awards, from third position in the same poll last year. In the same survey by aviation industry consultancy Skytrax, which polled more than 16 million passengers from over 97 countries, Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific netted the prestigious Airline of the Year award. SIA was named Airline of the Year last year but had to settle for second place this year. SIA ought to go back to basics: putting customers first.

Kenneth Cheng


Anonymous said...

complain,complain that's what sporeans are good for!

Neil Bishop said...

I still find SIA's service excellent but I almost always fly Emirates for two reasons:
1. better prices; and
2. better frequent flyer scheme.
But the ST complaints don't surprise me. After living in Singapore for more than ten years I now tell visitors that complaining about small things is the national religion of Singapore. The government can lose a third of the nation's reserves (or more... we haven't seen the full truth yet) and a big chunk of CPF savings but Singaporeans will still complain about small things only.

Kotek said...

I think singaporeans are small-minded.They don't think or see the big gracius picture. Holed up in their HDB flats what can one expect out of them.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... ST had officially gotten Kenneth Cheng to always be a critic for SQ. Maybe Kenneth got even paid by ST for doing so. Hasn't it always that ST LOVES to feature negative about SQ. Gosh how ironic... a local paper degrading its own local airline and a young Kenneth going to NS and about to serve his country and at the same time criticize his country's airline. How unfortunate... Singaporeans should fly Western airlines and see what they are comparing themselves too. Only then they get their deserved treatment and then they know where is heaven and where is hell. May Kenneth kena the most chia lat company in NS and learn his lesson from becoming a spoilt brat.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of this is that this guy has nothin better to do then look for attention badgering all the hard working people.
This guy is a regular complainant and really sound pathethtic.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth is a sicko!

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