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Friday, June 19, 2009

Ayio another S'porean complaining about SIA

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SIA makes it so hard for us to support our national airline
AFTER reading Dr Jimmy Beng's letter yesterday ('Tale of two services: Singapore Airlines and PUB'), commenting on his experience with SIA, I felt compelled to contribute my own story.
Recently, SIA rolled out its promotional airfares to various destinations. As my husband was stationed in Australia for work, I decided to take our four young children to join him for a short break during the June holidays.
Although I tried to book the tickets on SIA's website as soon as the advertisement was published, I was unable to secure the promotional rates. I inquired with travel agents and got the same reply that the flights were all fully booked within one week of my travel dates. Moreover, I was told that I could not book child fares for all my children under the promotion. One single adult is entitled to book child fares for only two children. This means I have to pay adult fares for two of my children. I was shocked at this discovery.
Subsequently, I tried to verify with SIA by calling its office. Of course, the process of contacting SIA and finally getting to talk to a customer service officer was tedious and time-consuming. There are also so many different kinds of fares within the same flight, and this makes it confusing if you try to book online. Finally, I was told the flight I wanted was still available, if I paid a higher fare. Subsequently, I was told it was true I had to pay adult fares for two of my children.
Like most Singaporeans, I would like to support our national carrier by flying with SIA. Unfortunately, in this case, SIA does not make it easy for me to do so. After all the hassle, I have decided to stay in Singapore and have since spread the news of SIA's policy to all my friends with more than two children.
On an ironic note, perhaps I should thank SIA that I did not fly to Australia after all, since it is now one of the high-risk countries for Influenza A (H1N1).
Florence Lum (Mrs)

Above taken from ST online forum dated 19 June 2009

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Anonymous said...

why are singaporeans full of complaints?

Anonymous said...

cannot afford dun fly SQ lah.. go take cheaper airlines...
no $$ wan to talk so much

Anonymous said...

singaporeans flew other airlines behaved like mouse but with SQ they complain like chicken backside.

CX Crew said...

Lets face it SIA's standard of services (ground and air)are going down the drain. CX,TG are better!

Investor said...

SIA's inflight service has deteriorated because they got rid of the very experienced check personnel in 2003 just to save a few dollars. They call it "Penny wise pound foolish"

Anonymous said...

The last comment shows that this complain queen is super kiasee in addition to being kiam siap. Helloo..H1N1 not so scary as people think loh. Got antibiotics. Not as scary as SARS...

Singapore Capt said...

it all boils down to airlines creating different classes of fares. Some fares are promotional to capture lull period in order to fill seats, some are fully flexible, but cost more.

Many who flies are confused cos they pay very standard child fares and adult fares when they take buses and trains, not knowing that airline industry functions differently.