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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Give SIA staff a break la wilya?

If you were to read today's Straits Times forum you wouldn't miss one compliant brought up by a passenger against SIA. He complaint that SIA gave them (his family and 2 small children)the seats at the rear of the aircraft and bla bla......
Please la SIA staff isn't that bad.They have always try to accommodate the passengers but be reasonable. After all the flight was less than 5 hrs.(SIN/PER vv). So what if you pay a premium because of the holiday periods...big deal! Other paxs also paid the premium fare. Why don't go and fly Qantas or BA or JetStar?
Boy am I glad to be out of SIA. These were the types of paxs that made our job unpleasant. Aiya don't want the article to spoil my day so I am not gonna say much except to tell the paxs to go and fly a kite!

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Bully-hater said...

Those passengers are big bullies.Try bullying BA or QF or any western airlines staff and see what you get.