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Friday, June 12, 2009

Lucky stewardess,unlucky steward.

Honey was on the same flight with me to London.Pretty and sexy as she was and with a good sense of humor I found her to be a good companion during our 3 day stay in London.
During our second night in Lon,I brought her to one of the casinos. As a member, I signed her in.That was the first time Honey has been to a casino.
In the casino,I was with a few friends having drink at the bar. Honey asked a few questions regarding the game of Roulette.
Moments later,I saw Honey gambling away at the roulette table. Believe it or not she was screaming with joy as she kept striking her favourite numbers. At one stage,I was watching her and she hit her number with a straight bet of 100 pounds. For 100 pds bet she was paid 35 times the amount (3,500 pounds).
By the time we left,Honey was up 20,000 pounds ( almost S$60,000..rate then was s$3 to 1 British pound).
Honey was indeed very happy and excited.

The other story of a steward was on a LAX flight. I didn't go with him to Las Vegas during our 3 day stay in LAX.
On the return flight from LAX to TYO, this steward looked sad and depressed. When I asked him,he confessed he lost US$20,000 to a casino in Vegas just by playing Blackjack. To make matter worse,the money was supposed to be for a friend in SIN. He was merely helping to carry the cash on behalf someone but he gambled it away. Sadly,he told me he was already indebted to a few loan sharks. He swore he would commit suicide. Two years later, I flew with him again but this time under better circumstances. He was a newly converted Christian.

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