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Monday, June 22, 2009

This reply is supportive of SIA

Below(highlighted) is a comment which shows there are people who still supports SIA.


June 20, 2009 Saturday, 02:04 PM
i simply don't understand what this writer is on about. another case of typical kiasu behaviour of thinking that the world needs to revolve around her.
limits on number of child fares per adult passenger, varying fare types and limited seat availability per flight is common industry practice all over the world.
what, you think you really can pay $0 on JetStar to fly to Perth whenever you feel like it? get real. airlines exist for a profit, and SQ has contributed significantly to the development of Singapore.
if you think SQ is alone in putting limits on fare types or pre-booking of bulkhead seats, take a look at other full service who charge for check in baggage, counter check-in and serve you hamburgers wrapped in plastic for trans-oceanic flights.
better yet, take a look at Tiger, JetStar or AirAsia and then come tell me again that SQ is unfair to you just because you have 4 children and you can't bundle them all into the same plane with you for the price of a bowl of laksa.
get over yourself and your "shocked at discovery". the airlines do not exist to cater to your kiasu demands for cheap fares. just because you are ignorant of the way airfares work all around the world and decide to go on a tirade about it, it does not mean that SQ, or any other airline, should fulfill your unreasonable demands


Ryan said...

S'poreans are small-minded and living in their holed up HDB flats and haven't been outside much in the outside world.Poor kiasu souls.

Anonymous said...

Sq is doing the right thing. Cheers

SIA fan said...

I will fly SQ and no other carriers.

Anonymous said...

Yes SIA used to be good. Not anymore! I fly with other carriers.
Good luck to all those suckers thinking what it used to be.