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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To my dear buddy RedHot part 1.

Redhot is now working in the oil platform and he wants me to blog more stories cos he is bored with life there. When Red was working in a call center in M'sia,he also complained of life there. He enjoyed reading my stories and that helped him to de-stress from the nasty customers who called him to complained about everything.
Ok ok this one is for Red and others who does not mind reading my stories.....

Not long ago a stewardess by the name of Ivy who was crazy about Caucasian men ended up marrying one from Europe. She adore white men and would do anything to go to bed with them. In fact,her virginity was given to an ang moh. One of them made her pregnant even before she joined the airlines. Ivy was a single parent to a boy but didn't declare it to the airline when became a stewardess. Reason? If she declared she was a mother,let alone a single parent,she would never have been employed cos that is the rule.

During her 5 years of flying she never once entertain an Asian in bed. She once told us Asian men have small pr***. Ang moh were more wild and imaginative when it comes to screwing. In fact,she looked down on Asian men.

Before Ivy joined the airline,she was working as a secretary to an ang moh boss. She adored her boss cos he was blond and tall. Often times Ivy would wear low cut see thru' blouses to work. She seldom wear bra to the office. Ivy was always trying to tempt her boss with her big and boucy boobs. Often times,her teats could be seen sticking out against the thin see thru' blouse. When she was "on" her teats would be erected and against the thin background of her blouse it was terribly tempting.

One day,an office clerk (Chinese guy)couldn't stand it anymore.One fine day he grabbed Ivy when the office was void of staff and put his hands into her blouse. He squeezed Ivy's breasts and kissed her lips. Ivy liked this colleague of hers and temporarily enjoyed the savagery of the incidence. On second thought because this guy was a Chinese,she stopped him from going further. She turned against him and threatened to report him to her boss. He apologised profusely and she let him go with a warning.


Anonymous said...

uncle! do you got Facebook?

Anonymous said...

alamak! why u think french in Singapore hire ex SIA stewardess?
To entertain themselves and their visitors lah! cleaner and free, all expenses claimed through expense accounts.

BT said...

ya i got facebook la...may i noe why u asked?