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Saturday, June 6, 2009

To my dear buddy RedHot part 2.

One day,Ivy managed to get the attention of her boss (Zap). It's not the normal type of attention,it's the sexual attention. Zap had always lust after Ivy but because of work ethics he didn't want to get involved with his secretary. Zap was a man of principle and wouldn't even touch any of his employees,sexually speaking. However, with Ivy tempting him daily,he knew one day he would just succumbed to the temptation.

That Saturday morning was the day Ivy will always remember and so was Zap. They made love on the office sofa,carpeted floor and the office meeting table.......
It was sometime later after having sex with Zap that Ivy found out she was pregnant. Zap asked her to go for an abortion but she stubbornly refused.Ivy wanted to keep Zap's baby although she knew her boss would never want to marry her.
Ivy and Zap's sexual relationship went on even after the baby was born.
Realising it was a just sex that Zap wanted and Ivy could not possessed Zap,she applied to be a stewardess with SQ.
At the interview,Ivy did not reveal she was a single parent. Being very attractive and with excellent conversational skills,Ivy got into SIA without any problem.
During her training days,Ivy went to bed with her instructors. She was nick named "bicycle" which means any man could on "ride" her. Ivy was a hot commodity and an every man's dream. She was good at her "job" and was favoured by her instructors. She didn't have to light the midnight candles like the other trainees because she had all the questions to her exams. She merely had to study the questions before the exams. What a privilege! Ivy naturally top the class and became the best trainee.
More to come.....

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