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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To my dear buddy RedHot pt 3.

Ivy wouldn't wanna sleep with Asian men unless she could benefit something from the relationship eg. sleeping with her Asian instructors to get top marks for her exams. She,like I've mentioned earlier,preferred Caucasian men or locally know as ang moh.
Ivy would not even touch the pilots no matter what their ranks were unless they were ang mohs. Such was the prejudice she had against Asian men.
When Ivy started flying,she hanged around with ang moh passengers during night stops.
In a matter of a few months of flying,Ivy was made pregnant by an ang moh. She didn't want an abortion because she loved having ang moh babies. Before her 2nd year of flying,she had to leave the airlines because of her pregnancy.
Somehow,Ivy managed to marry the ang moh guy who made her pregnant. He was much older than her,at least 20 years. However,Buck was a loaded guy with plenty of money to splurge on Ivy. Buck worked on the oil rig as a supervisor ( just like my buddy RedHot).His take home pay was at least USD20,000 a month.
Buck and Ivy got married in Germany and they lived a happy married life together (quite boring story isn't it?).
Some years later,Buck died of a heart attack.He left Ivy a fortune and a big life insurance policy.
Buck's son was named Bick and the his stepson was Bill.
A couple of years after Buck's death, Bill the elder son of Ivy was already a grown up. Bill was told of his "father" who was Ivy's ex boss and now Bill's aim in life was to trace his biological father.
The story of how Bill traced his father will commence shortly......

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