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Monday, July 20, 2009

Crew should be grateful to SIA

Crew shouldn't complain about the flight pattern,collective agreement and working conditions etc. They ought to be thankful to this great airline (SQ) they are working for. Many crew who had left for one reason or another found it very difficult to get a good paying job like the one they had when they were with SIA.
One ex-IFS told me he used to drive a taxi but life was not only tough but when his taxi got involved in accidents,he had to dish out hundreds of dollars from his own pocket to pay for the damages. His taxi insurance excess is more than a thousand dollars. He also said he was involved in 3 accidents in a year and that cost him a lot of money. He has since gave up driving and is working as a store manager which paid him about $1,500 a month.
Another ex CCE lamented that he wanted to be a security guard but was told he was too old for the job.He was 59 and the job would have paid him $50 a day for a 12 hour duty.
Another ex CCE lost $250,000 in a restaurant business he set up shortly after he left SIA.
An ex stewardess was seen in Geylang working as a Mama san in brothel.
An ex co pilot who was sacked by SIA for misconduct was seen driving a taxi. One captain who immigrated to Australia started off life there as a cab driver.
Of course there also success stories like the 2 crew who opened a successful restaurant after quitting SIA. Success stories are far and few when compared to failures and the struggle one has to go through when leaving the airline.
As for myself, I am quite old and wouldn't dare to go for job interviews for the fear of being told "You are too old...". So I took up the "job" as a blogger and try to earn a few bucks.


Anonymous said...

Such thinking is only reserved for the people in the older generation or someone who either has no choice in life or has no money.
In todays generation, besides having a job, car and house, we want more than that, our rights as an employee and citizen of singapore, if the company doesn't even care about you, why do you even bother to work hard for them.
Would you die to fight for your country, i'm sure most singaporeans will not. the rich ones will migrate, so it is left with us, complainin everyday about life.. I will stop here, i am sure all of us know the reason why.. dirty politics in singapore

Grateful dog said...

Employee's rights?? No job no employee so treasure ur job first and rights second.

Kool said...

To Anonymous.Well said.So what actions are you taking to help all Singaporeans.Why don't you stand and fight the next General Election & save all Singaporeans.Can be the next Mahatma Gandhi or Mandela.Go to jail but be remembered for eternity & change history.
Or you talking cock????

Anonymous said...

To Kool..
Stinkaporeans can only help themselves, everyone is scared to vote for the opposition, so why bother..The Elections Dept is owned by the garmen, they will never win.. This whole country is owned by FamiLEE..So we can only complain and blame ourselves

Kool said...

True.Why complain, just blame ourselves lah for being so scared.

Anonymous said...

Frankly,theres more life out there than being a crew.. Those who felt they couldn't live better after they left the airline are (as what I've seen) those who gave almost their whole life being a crew. So whats the moral of the story? Work for just a few years then leave. Dun leave when u r old and have nowhere else to go. It's a job, not a career. I've left the airline, and I got a career now, which though did not pay as much, gave me so much more fulfullment.. Seriously, there's REALLY more out there than being a crew..This goes espcially to those who have been flying a few years and are thinking whether they should quit to pursue a CAREER.

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
Frankly,theres more life out there than being a crew..

I fully endorse the above comment.I shd have left SQ when I was younger. There are abundant opportunities out there for us. Serving SQ all your useful and youth life is fine but u will seldom be satisfied.