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Friday, July 24, 2009

Wanna a good crap and ward off H1N1?

Go and learn from SS Tan's blog on how to have a good crap (esp. for those who constipate) and also fight that dreadful flu.


Anonymous said...

Heard from SS peers what a fighter he was ! He should tell how he fought for the promotion of Meng How ! How ?

boh tong said...

SS was a sucker to fight for others bcoz he made enemies with his bosses in the process.

Anonymous said...

Poor SS. Used to speak up for his other gutless CCEs to the bosses. In the end when they started a Training Company, after they left the Airline, to train foreign crew of foreign airlines, they FORGOT to include him. This is a clear reminder to those who think its worthwhile to help yr fellow CC. They are all as PLASTIC as a mineral bottle. They're are not worth the time of the day.

Not a Red Dot person said...

Hello SS is doing better in his new found businesses than all those ungrateful ex colleagues of his.
The late Cyril thought lowly of those ex cce who formed that 'Red Dot" co.Cyril was a manager of that co. but was ridicled by his ex cce who became his bosses.
You are right to warn others who think of fighting for their 'plastic' colleagues.