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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You reap what you sow

We often hear from Singaporean passengers that crew discriminate them and give better service to caucasian passengers than them.Do you ever wonder why the S'pore passengers are not treated as nice and warm as the other passengers?

The answer is very simple. The crew hate passengers who are demanding,bossy,intimidating etc. and the only way to get back at them is to discriminate. How else do you expect the crew to react to those nasty passengers? You don't expect the crew to beat them up or be rude to them,right? So the only way is to show favour to the caucasian.

To give you an example,the Singapore pax when boarding the aircraft would rudely demand for a Straits Times. It goes like this..."hey steward get me a straits Times" whereas another pax would asked the crew politely like this.."If you have the time could you please get me a newspaper?" If you are a crew who do you prefer to give good service?

Once I had a pax( young S'porean)who was an executive with a big multi national company in S'pore.He was travelling business class. To show that he was a seasoned traveller with SIA, he would would his index finger to call for service. He would criticised and ridiculed the stewardesses and senior crew for the slightest things in the presence of his business associates. He would poked fun at SIA management for recruiting "ugly" stewardesses. He also told his associates that SIA stewardesses were flat chested and likened them to an airport runway.

The above are only 2 of the many examples of Singaporean behaviour.
So why blame the crew when they discriminate you?


Singapore Capt said...

well to be fair, we have fair share of ang mo who think that they are kings with their PPS status.

actually its those business class ones that are pain in the ass, many travel on company expenses. Its those 1st class ones who paid themselves whom are surprisingly less demanding.

IFS Teo said...

True ang mohs also complained but generally its the Stinkaporeans. Look at the forum page of Straits Times and you would know what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

Those Stinkaporeans only behave like that on SQ.
Other carriers most of them are well behaved.
Stinkaporeans know la SQ management will always say Passengers are always right!
That's the problem!

charcoalputeh said...

BT, the examples you gave may be true in general about stinkaporeans passengers. But let me tell you, I was educated in the west since young and have lived in Australia, France, and now Canada for decades. Rude SIA stewardesses don't want to distinguish stinkaporeans from other yellow skin passengers. The worst stewardesses, 9 out of 10, are achar ne neh ne nek ones lah!

Wise Man said...

BT's post about Singaporeans may not apply to all but to the majority. A few S'poreans are ok but many are not and so BT is right.
Its time for us S'poreans to behave nicely to the crew and service provider. Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

Malaysian Boy said...

Stinkaporeans got a bit of money chinese say "how lian"(showy). Use index finger to call crew ah? 1 generation ago use to squat and shit,lived in attap huts and now "sek chui"(boastful) My balls to them man!

Singapore Capt said...

actually wats worse is this, I have heard in the cabin that some Singaporean mum tell their children to study hard, if not they will end up like jie jie (the cabin crews) serving people in aircraft, not knowing that many of the cc are now university educated.

And little do they know, many older Capts have only O levels Education!

Ah Seng said...

Aah sigh,the Psyche of a Singaporean pax.Could it be a feeling of inferiority becos of our colonial past and the top down parenting of yesteryears?
That's why some come on board demanding and threatening staff that they can take away their livelihood for the slightest perceived infraction to show that they have some power over another human being?

Aris said...

I have heard my Malaysian colleagues complained abt SQ Air Stewardesses services, but personally I feel that their services are good. Ang mos and chinese are treated equally leh. I dun understand how come the pple have so many complains. lol.

Anonymous said...

i came by ur blog and read with interest. but this particular area of comments did not hit off well with me. I have met with more then my fair share of ang mohs who are all set with their colonial mindset but the stewardess goes gaga as he is an ang moh, but for myself, who definitely am not even near rude and never demanding, had to ask for a drink 3 times before i got it, and she gave me a wrong one? So who is to say Singaporeans are bad?
Oh, for IFS Teo, do note that anyone can write to ST Forum not just Singaporeans. note that 4 out of 10 person in singapore are not singaporeans!

Young stewardess said...

I don't like S'porean passengers bcoz they are bossy and arrogant. I love ang mo passengers bcoz they are usually nice and civilised when it comes to treat us girls.