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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Can someone who knows ex IFS Gregory Chong's contact please leave it in the comment space below,thanks. The ex stewardess below is asking for help.

Dear Boh Tong,

My name is xxxx. I was a former FSS with SQ, joined 1995, left in 2000.

I came across your blog and must admit that I not only found it interesting but entertaining as well ... it certainly made me laugh.

I was wondering if you have any idea where and how I could get in touch with Gregory Chong (Enchik), do you know if he is still flying .. retired ..

Looking forward to reading your blogs and hearing from you.


xxxxx ( sorry cannot publish her name otherwise a lot of buayas will try one)


jeannchua said...


I'm an ex crew, and ex IFS Gregory Chong also happens to be my uncle. I have informed him of this blog and had asked him to take a look. Yes, he has a computer. Hahaha.

boh tong said...

thank u ms chua,appreciate ur help.

Anonymous said...

I thought he left for Perth!