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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ex IFS Enchik Gregory Chong

Talking about Enchik Chong,that bugger is helluva character. I mean it in a nice way. Even an ex stewardess is looking for him (see posting below).
Gregory or Enchik as he was affectionately known is already retired and is doing...dono what la! Heard he is a security guard now.
Greg was a small sized IFS but packed with deadly Chinese martial art. He was a kung fu fighter,very agile and power packed. He could easily handled 2 to 3 ang moh sized guys. I had seen him in action before,beating up Honkies in Kowloon areas.
However, Enchik Greg is a nice quiet soft spoken type of person but must warn you not to provoke him. He was a conscientiuos worker,one willing to die for his friends,family and employers. Girls loved him not for his looks (but he was quite humsup leh) but for his reserved and quiet nature as well as his kung fu protection.
He got the nickname of Enchik because he was a sergeant in the army before joining SIA. Enchik is the Malay equivalent of Mr. and an NCO (non commisioned officer lah stupid)is nicknamed as Enchik.
Enchik if you happened to read my blog please email or leave a comment on how to get in touch with you (chances are Enchik don't have a computer).

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