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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hahaha now less comments

Since I stopped the unwelcomed comments by resetting my blog,I have only 2 comments. Otherwise I would be having about 20 to 30 comments a day. These people who commented were usually vicious in their attacks against ifs like Roy,Eddy etc. There were some who commented responsibly but sad to say,I had to remove them all in one go.
Comments or not,I would still have many visitors here. In fact new visitors are greatly valued by me. They generate income for me by way of clicking on my adds. The regulars are usually engrossed in bitter fighting amongst themselves to be of benefit to me.
I think morally it's wrong to mention names whom you are opposed to. Don't mention names and I may publish your comments. As for the constructive ones,I will surely publish them with or w/o mentioning names.


boh pian said...

wa boh tong is for ah roy and shortie izzit?

Anonymous said...

Jpan and jmal are sotongs. Is this ok . No names mah just initials.

Anonymous said...

Jpan and jmal are sotongs. so are you

Anonymous said...

alan should really consider offloading some of his ppl.they talk cock and abuse their power onboard.some don't work and try to impress ifs with union work and try to get good check reports.