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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Miser Vs Generous King

This bugger which I will call ksk (kiam seap kwee meaning miser king)was a colleague of mine. He was so stingy that he would not even spend a cent on his meal during lunch time. He would scrounge on his colleagues and subordinates be it for a bowl of noodles,coffee,tea,desserts etc etc in the staff canteen or something more expensive like eating out in restaurants during our lunch break or other occasions.
In the staff canteen,when anyone of us was reaching our turn in the long queue to buy our food,ksk would quickly come up and sniffed around and ask whether we could also get the food for him. His reason was the queue was long and he hasn't had the time to queue for his food. So as you would know,the person buying the food for himself and ksk would have to pay the hawker. After eating,ksk would conveniently excused himself and vamoosed off without paying.
Many of our colleagues would not want to embarrass ksk and never asked for payments.
This bad habit of ksk was also practised on the junior crew. At night stops he would scrounged on his crew,hardly spending money from his pocket.
Guess what when we all retired together in 2003?? ksk had bought himself a $150,000 car. Mind you he lived in a private apartment and not a HDB flat (most of his victims lived in HDB flats or government subsided flats).
On the flip side we had a colleague nicknamed GK or generous king. GA was the opposite of ksk. GA would buy his colleagues meals,drinks and even treat them to karaoka sessions,pubs sometime spending hundreds a night. GA seldom allowed any of his colleagues to pay the bills. He would be the first to grab the bill and settled them. Afterward, when they tried to settle the bill with him he would refuse to accept. His favorite reply was 'sup sup sui' meaning it's loose change to him.
As a colleague in the office,GA was also 'same same'. He was also helpful towards his juniors and the crew loved him.
Today GA is working as a prison officer in Australia. I was told the prisoners loved him too. He was seen playing table tennis with some of his prisoners by someone who told me.
There were many more 'characters' which I will go into some other time.


Anonymous said...

will always have more of the ksk type than ga

Lucy said...

It is bad to have colleagues like ksk. I would not want him to be near me when I am going for my meals.

Boh Tong said...

I siam ksk like hell when I was working in the office that time. In the early days,I was like anybody else belanja or chia him but when we found out his bawu we siam him all the way.

Anonymous said...

we had one who during out sep breaks would wait for the females to use him as a slave and give him money to buy food from a canteen about a block away, and this tall guy had an appetite, but never put on any weight, meanwhile the girls very conscious of what they eat would halve their food, and this guy would have the equivalent of a 5 course huh? he later owned a small computer business

Anonymous said...

a smart cc used to buy the first round of drinks at a bar where he would be the first one to round up everyone on arrival, and yes, he would always run off to the toilet whenever his turn came after that, meanwhile, everyone's drunk by that time including him, we always found it funny.....his wife was always on his back to return his allowances back home with