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Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Singapore Captain"

S'pore Capt is a regular visitor to my blog and has contributed constructively in the comment section. Here are a few examples :

Singapore Capt has left a new comment on your post "Resolving hostilities between tech and cabin crew":

yup. There are almost 2000 tech crew, simple mathematics will show that there will be some tech crew with bad attitude, its human nature. And people tend to talk and bitch about how crap some crew are. Truth is, there are more tech crew who are on good terms with cabin crew now.

In London, some of us do go for famous duck rice with Cabin crew, not the most famous Four seasons cos we banned them ourselves, but their friendlier neighbour.

Singapore Capt has left a new comment on your post "Resolving hostilities between tech and cabin crew":

you guys have no back bone and just follow cc to new restaurant for discounts.i think thats more factual

We ban four seasons duck rice cos of the bad attitude of the staff over there. And we patronise their neightbour not because of discount but because they provide much better service. And btw, its not cc who brought us there. Its our senior TC who introduced us to four seasons and also thru the Tech Crew network that we banned four seasons

So before you rant here, please do your homework by finding the right information.

Singapore Capt has left a new comment on your post "Some didn't become captain.":

the reason being in the past, First Officers do not need a ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License), and to qualify as a Capt, u need ATPL, but after flying for so many years, these FOs brains are no longer that active and they find it difficult to pass the ATPL exams. Now, all FOs have to take their ATPL exams during their cadet flight training days.

A Singapore Capt clone:

Singapore Capt said...
you are pissing me off,can you just F off and try be more the cockpits are worst,no manners,arrogant and ask for everything food,drinks,amenities,newspapers whatever which is free.always eating and sleeping in the cockpit
go trash yourself before commenting about PPS pax.F.. Y..

Friday, August 07, 2009 9:35:00 PM

Come la people comment responsibly ok?


Singapore Capt said...

Wah Bohtong you so smart ah, can tell between the real Singapore Capt and the Clone. Not bad leh!

BTW, SIA has offered early retirement for staff above 50 including Capts. Some would want to get the benefits and then try for another airline, but too bad, many of those dun qualify cos they are less than 50 years old

Boh Tong said...

Real S'pore Capt dun curse the crew mah.Besides,I know him bcos of his style of writing.

Ya lor SQ is offering early retirement and most crew aren't qualified bcos either they are below 50 yrs or less than 15 yrs flying.

Anonymous said...

Hello...?.....what TC recommendation? Everyone going to Goldmine coz of 'Andrew Ho' lah,not some TC's 'new' discovery or self banned. Find out history ok..............Four Season was NOT a senior TC 's discovery.Ask Bohtong..........maybe his memory can serve him better.

The Eagle said...

Read today's Straits Times, Captain above 50 can get approximately $250,000 worth of early retirement benefits. Even AOs, managers, ground staff can opt to take. SIA really doing quite badly this time I suppose? What with all the unpaid leave, pay cuts, shorter work hours etc. Everywhere seems tougher these days, even banks are demanding more from their staff because when revenue is lower, the only way to keep shareholders happy is to lower costs. And the directors, senior managers, VPs etc are not going to take less for the sake of the staff on the ground, so they recommend all the cost-cutting measures which affect mostly the frontline staff who are the real people bringing in revenue. Same story at most workplaces. Big bosses who say they care about frontline staff? All talk no action is no use, walk the talk, they should sacrifice their own salary or bonuses or promotional prospects if they really care.

boh tong said...

Ya we dun like the 4 season staff's attitude so we dun go there anymore..this was way back b4 i left SQ in 2003.
I actually prefer chinatown chinese food.

Singapore Capt said...


Well... at least it was recommended to me by a fellow Capt when I was in London in the past. Others may have different ways of knowing the place but it was my Capt who brought me there when I was a FO. But we do ban them cos of poor service attitude, and from our experiences, it seems Four Seasons dun like SQ Crew.

Anonymous said...

TC & CC must unite and join hands.All are in the same fuselage always and survival depend on each other.Lets be one big happy family. Let both "take-on" the assholes in both TC & CC. Eradicate them by leaving them alone & report them.

FreqFlyer said...

Look, guys, no offence. I travel quite frequently on SIA and in the upper classes so i know crew pretty well. I fly quite often to places like London, Paris and quite incidentally stay at a few crew hotels in these cities.

In general, i find the Singaporean crewing community quite ignorant and naive about foreign cultures. This is especially so the younger set of crew. Mind you, many of these establishments in Europe are 5-star hotels and you get young girls and guys in beachwear during summer (e.g. Flipflops). Dressing conveys a lot about oneself especially in Europe. Talking loudly in the lobby (in Singlish) is one thing that really turns me off. My personal opinions.

Anonymous said...

Dear FreqFlyer,I have been travelling overseas for more than a quarter of a century.Let's not generalise Crew..........Have you seen and heard a Typical Singaporean Overseas on holiday whether in Asia,Euopre or the Americas?......they truly put the word 'ugly' in it's proper context!

Anonymous said...

Guess there is the Ugly Singaporean all over our streets. All kiasu. Just look at the way people walk around malls or MRT stations and just about anywhere else. People don't give way. If you try giving way, you will be stuck at the same spot for minutes if not hours in a crowded area. And on MRT trains, when a family boards, you can very often listen to sentences like this from the parents to their children, 'Quick, quick, go get the seat, faster, faster'. Lousy attitudes.

SQ Girl said...

I cant believe CC and TC could even fight over such a small issue,duck rice restaurant. This is just too childish and low class.