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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Steward stole while victim was crapping.

Tanaka san came back to his hotel room almost pissed that night in Tokyo. He opened his door ,undressed and went to the loo to crap.
Observing him over in the opposite hotel room was a steward call Frank. Frank was a kleptomaniac,meaning he was a sick man. He must steal or else he can't have a restful night.
Tanaka-san threw his trouser on the floor,dashed into the toilet,forgetting to lock the room door.
That's when Frank came into Tanaka's room. He lifted up the trouser and dug his hand into the pocket of Tanaka's pants. There were many coins and they jingled as Frank's hand searched for the Japanese yen. He couldn't find any cash except the coins.
Tanaka san while crapping heard the jingling of the coins and without cleaning his ass rushed out of the loo and shouted at Frank. Shocked,Frank scooted off as fast as he could.
Tanaka san reported the matter to the hotel and from the cctv they caught Frank. Nothing was lost though but Frank knelt down in front of Tanaka san and the hotel manager and begged for forgiveness.
Tanaka told the manager he would settled the matter with Frank privately.
Tanaka san brought Frank to his room and it wasn't long before both of them became drinking buddies,drinking till early morning.
However,the sad thing was the matter was reported to the company.It wasnot reported by Tanaka san but by someone else. As a consequence,Frank was dealt with severely by the company.

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