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Monday, August 3, 2009

This steward is .......

Wee joined SIA when he was 27 yrs old. He tried for the job a dozen times before and finally he made it in 2008. He was jubilant and he vowed to make this his career. But he also set his eyes on being a pilot and being a graduate it won't be difficult he was told.
During training at STC,he excelled and was the instructors' pet. They like him because of his good mannerism and grooming. His batch girls adored him. But one thing for sure,the girls did not have a chance to be his girl friend because he was engaged to a sweet ex colleague by the name of Lyn.
The training took about 4 months and it was tedious according to Wee. Wanting to be the best trainee in the class,Wee studied very hard. In the process,he spent little time with Lyn. She was neglected and Wee felt sorry for her. Wee promised Lyn he would make up for lost time once he graduated and started flying.
More to come.....

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