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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2 ex crew passed away

Ex IFS and CS Haleem and TC respectively passed just last week. One died from heart attack and TC died from cancer. This sort of things scare the daylight out of me. I am in fact older than these 2 and myself was a crew. Has being a crew,flying thru various time zones and the job stress kill them? Ooo I am really scared....that's why I get panic attack? ..or PA was hereditary?
PA to my belief was not hereditary because my parents did not have them but maybe my great great great grandpa had it. I believe PA was the result of my job as a crew. Do u know that PA is actually anxiety disorder?
To be a cabin crew with SQ,one needs to be punctual,prompt and proper in grooming and dressing, courteous,knowledgeable and a million other things. All these requirments put lots of stresses on us. If you are a bad crew then you don't have to observe the above and you prolly live to be a hundred. If you want to be a real excellent SQ cabin crew then you have to have the above. In this way, many died from either cancer or heart attacks. These 2 fatal illnesses according to my doctor friends could be due to stress besides other factors.
I don't wanna scare the cc wannabes but there are many articles that point to what I said above.
Look at all those cc who died.Look at the office staff,they do not died so easily and at a relatively young age. So to me I think flying has many health hazards.
Pilots generally live longer than cc. Compare tc to cc and see for yourself how many tc died at an age younger than cc.
If you wanna to see the world and have better salary as well as healthier and longer life then you should be a tc. Why not hor when you would have cc serving you like lords? Not happy with the cc then just shout and scream at them.
This reminds me of a capt. DL. He would not only shout at the cc if he was unhappy with them but kicked them out of the flight ( off load is the word). Remember AT the IFS who was off loaded when capt dl wasn't happy with him? That capt mellowed only when his beloved daughter joined us as a stewardess,knowing jolly well his beloved would be screwed.
Aiya I don't wanna rant any much more otherwise ppl would say that it is an ole man ranting and grumbling.


Singapore Capt said...

Boh Tong

There are quite a few tech crew who died young also. One Capt died while buying curry rice for lunch, just drop dead all of sudden. 1.5 years ago, a near 50 year old capt died of colon cancer. There are quite a few examples. TC or CC, we all subject our body to different time zones crossing at least 2-4 times a month, in the long run, the effect on the body, no one really knows

Airman said...

Fairly obvious here that you have too many CC friends and not enough 'outside' friends.Last 10 years or so,Singapore have seen a lot of younger people dying of various illnesses and CC or TC is no exception.I think most will recall the young and fit,running triathlon and marathon and collapsing and having the heart just stopped.Young people fighting cancer is also common.All these probably due to the modern Singapore lifestyle and nutrition(

boh tong said...

ok ok la from the above 2 comments I now look like an uninformed fellow.Agreed the fit and young aso died from running and execises,young tc collapsing an died while buying curry rice etc.
Must be the stress of living in Spore too huh?

Anonymous said...

TC's have more offdays the CC's period!

Dont need a medical genius to know that adequate rest is essential esp in a flying job.

enlightened said...

Haleem was recvering from cance and died from a relapse.

boh tong said...

Didnt know Haleem got cancer.

enlightened said...

Heard from the same source that his wife, Fatima, is also a cancer survivor.....