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Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't smoke,drink or else.....

Look at the recent cases of death amongst cc. Those who died prematurely (before the national average life span of 74 for men)were crew or ex crew (cc)who smoked and drank heavily. Starting with Vincent, Kenneth,Cyril,TC,Philip,Derrick,Mahendren and many others,you will notice that these ex cc smoke and drank like crazy. All of them died before age 67. In fact only Vincent and Cyril died at an older age of 66.The rest died much younger.
Somehow,studies have shown that drinking and smoking are health hazards but when combined with a cc life style of life long flying it can be potent.
Vincent and Cyril were working on ground for at least 25 years and flying less than 10 years and yet died prematurely. Both died of cancer.
There are others who are on the verge of dying due to this life style. So quit smoking which is worst than drinking (if possible quit drinking too) if you are a cc and wanna live longer and healthier.
Most of the cc who does not drink nor smoke or had given up the 2 vices many years ago are still well and healthier. Take for examples cc like Mike Lam, George Sunder, Beng,Willie and company. They are all into their late 60s,with John Chan being 70 this year and are enjoying life. Mike swims 30 fast laps of the Olympic size pool at least 4 times a week. Beng,in Perth runs an hour a day,John practising tai chi,George playing tennis and jogging almost everyday. KY plays golf regularly.
So it is safe to concluded that cc should not smoke and drink if they want to live a longer and healthier life because flying itself is unhealthy and when you combined the 2 vices you are digging your grave faster.

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jake said...

scary isnt it? I am cc and has given up smoking 6 yrs ago.I drink occasionally.