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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dun be sensitive lah

I wrote an article "If I own an airline" a few days ago and had in the process touched on some nerves. Singapore Capt was quite offended because I stated I would NOT be needing pilots on my aircraft. Another one chided me for not blogging about air crew gossips but instead indulge myself in fantasy of owning an airline.
Dun be like dat lah. I am just amusing myself by imagining I own an airline and the things I would do and wont do.
To be realistic,how can I own an airline when I can't even pay up for my car? It is still on loan and the instalments are killing me. How can I own an airline when my HDB flat is not fully paid yet?
I am unemployed and blogging provides me a small income. I am happy when I have many visitors to my blog because when the click on the ads I make some money.If not I am still happy they visit this blog.
Take it with a pinch of salt when I start to fantasize alil.....anyhow you people make my day when you visit me...thank you once again for making this ole guy feel useful :)


Singapore Capt said...

Ha ha Boh Tong, no lah, not offended lah. Just ask u to give me a job mah... you know, many of us kena pay cut of 16%...

Dont worry, I just wanna contribute to make things interesting thats all. No offence at all

Anonymous said...

@ Singapore Capt: what's the average salary for you FO at this moment after the paycut,Capt?