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Friday, September 25, 2009

I am beli happy....

I am glad tat so far in the poll on your right hand side,no1 has said tat they regret coming to this blog ( cross fingers X). This sort of things will keep me going on blogging and slogging for these nice ppl.
Btw u noe ah there are wannabes asking questions about SIA cc jobs and interview and hoping I answer them but guess wat? ...they dun even address unkle here correctly. They merely address me as Hi! aiya my name is not Hi! my parents named me as boh tong ok!!! Den they dun even pen their names but just anonymous. Like tat how to be SIA cabin crew? Maybe other airlines dun mind but SIA is very particular about good mannerism. Dun 4get tat I taught cc how to be polite and behaved in a proper manner la.
Any comments "anonymous"?...hehehe kena scolding, these cc wannabes :)


Anonymous said... you know why SQ inflight service "going to the dogs". Wannabes don't even know how to addres people politely. Like that how to train? Basics even don't have...

Boh Tong said...

SQ employs "dogs" meh?? U are rite la they wanna be cc but where are their manners hor?