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Friday, September 18, 2009

My Cabin Crew Stories!

I just thought I should share with you some stories from working as cabin crew.

1 -
I was working a long haul flight and the call button is pressed, so my friend Erin tells me
too go, so I go along. I had a request for something,

Passenger - Excuse me miss
Me - How can I help you?
Passenger - I have a request for a candle
Me - I'm sorry but we can't have candles on board for saftey reasons
Passenger - Why would this be?
Me - Just for saftey reasons, and for the smoke detectors
Passenger - Okay then, sorry to bother you.

I mean what kind of a crazy person wants a candle on board?!

2 - I get another bell call,
A passenger with their laptop out asks,

Passenger - Excuse me miss
Me - How can I help you sir?
Passenger - Can I ask why I am not getting an internet connection?
Me - The reason would be is because we are currently travelling at 500 mph
Passenger - So no internet connection onboard no?
Me - Unfortunately not.

3 -
Time for breakfast
We were serving fresh fruit, pancakes, cereal or bacon, eggs etc..
A passenger far back asks for cereal,

Me - Sorry, but we don't actually have any cereal left
Passenger - No cornflakes?
Me - None
Passenger - Special k?
Me - We have no cereal at all
Passenger - Not even coco-pops?
Me - Sorry we have no cereal at all on board
Passenger - okay I will take cornflakes and banana
Me - We dont have any cereal mam!!
Passenger - Ooh sorry I didnt hear you!

4 -
It was around New-Year last year, a passenger asks for an on-board party,

Passenger - Excuse me mam
Me - Yes, how can I help you?
Passenger - Well as its around new years time, can we pop some party poppers?
Me - We can't actually do that I am afraid, as its a explosive and explosives are strictly banned on-board.
Passenger - Not even on new year?
Me - Unfortunately not
Passenger - Oh Okay then

Passengers can be very dumb at times, I have lots more too come.
I like to write all these in a diary and it just makes me laugh so much!

From Trolley-Dolly

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