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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, Japan

A friend who was in Japan emailed me about his unpleasant experiences at the above place. He alledged that one of the ramen stalls at the ramen museum near shin Yokohama station stinks like shit. He had to pay an entrance fee to get into this horrible place which is supposed to feature things pertaining to ramen,a Chinese noodle dish made famous in japan.
He claimed that there were only a few stalls and when he entered one,he almost fainted at the rotten shitty smell. It was too late to back off as he had paid 800 yen into a ticket machine. The ramen was not edible and so he and wife left and proceeded to the next stall,hoping the place and ramen would be better. When he bought a ticket for the ramen for himself as his wife was not eating,he was told that his wife was not allowed into the stall. What kind of crap was that coming from a service oriented japan?
He asked me to warn people not to patronise that so called ramen museum situated 100 meters from Shin-Yokohama station near Tokyo.


Zepsterz said...

is this true? i'm going to this ramen museum in Jan!

boh tong said...

Go and regret if u dun believe my friend.