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Saturday, September 12, 2009

SIA vs a bank handling of customers' complaints

A friend of mine recently closed his bank account with a local bank after the staff was unhelpful and rude to him.
A few hours later the vp of that bank telephoned him and asked for feedback on her staff treatment of him and reasons for his a/c closure. My friend told her he was not interested to waste his time relating to her the reasons etc and asked her to refer to the branch manager. The vp was persistent and they spent almost 40 minutes on the phone. The vp was more interested in finding out what went wrong rather spending time to pacify my friend. My friend felt frustrated as he was made a guinea and wasted his time explaining the whole episode again.

Now here is the difference with SIA cabin crew. Whenever a passenger complains that the cc is rude or unhelpful or both cabin crew dept staff will called up the crew for an explanation. The complainiant will be contacted to give his side of the story. In the end,the passenger will be made to feel important by receiving an apology in writing or some sort of assurance that it would not happened again. There were times,depending on the severity of the complaint, my svp would invite the passenger out for a meal and a personal apology.
SIA also put aside a huge budget by setting up a pax complaint dept with staff to handle complaints.
Now you know why SIA service is far more superior than most airlines or in this case,the bank.

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Anonymous said...

Banks are assured of business in singapore. There are mainly only 4 banks to share with 4million people.
They are not concerned about loyalty.
The investigation was more to identify who to blame.. and eventually sack.
Airlines are different. Especially SQ. Offering a box of Godiva chocolates or a 3 course meal with a bottle of premium wine limits the damage and costs less than $1000. The result is a happy outcome and continued loyalty. Bearing in mind that only first and business class gets such recovery efforts. Economy class maybe.
Anyway, all premium class customers travel on company expense.So, giving them all this attention boosts their ego and sends them to think they are indispensable.
Cabin crew cost more than $1000.
So, blame the crew for service lapses, send them for disciplinary proceedings ( to satisfy labour laws) and sack them.. otherwise do not extend their retirement.
Cabin crew is NOT a career.. but all grow addicted to the lifestyle.
No projects,no homework,no reports , no sales targets... no life.Just dance the night away, msn, facebook and wait to be kicked out. ( and also aging )
What is YOUR purpose in life?
a million dollars or more? look elsewhere, its not an airline job.
The million dollars will come when you realise your purpose and the passion.
Take charge of your destiny. Like your unionists have. They have secured theirs... have you? The executives in your division are mostly non-crew ( background) Where do you think the division is headed?
Think more and act.
Less grumblings will save you.