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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Steward's sugar mommy story.

Ted was a boastful and conceited senior steward. He thought he was handsome and tall when he was not. His ambition in life was to be a gigolo meaning making a living off rich women by satisfying them sexually.
On his flights,Ted would look out for old rich looking female passengers and befriend them. Why old women? It was because Ted was not handsome enough to lure the younger rich ones.
One one HK flights,Ted managed to hook Jes a fairly well to do lady pax of around 50 years old. Jes was a divorcee and she liked Ted because Ted cared for her like no cabin crew would care for her. Of course,Jes didn't know the reason Ted was so nice to her. He showered her with all the attention he could give on the flight between SIN/HKG. Jes was bought over by Ted's TLC (tender loving She invited Ted to her apartment during his 2 day stay in HKG.
The first thing Ted did when he checked into his hotel room in HKG that afternoon was to call Jes. She was flattered to hear Ted's voice over the phone. After all, Ted was in his mid 20s and she was 50. Jes was thinking dirty by this time and Ted led her on and on over the phone. She was determined to get Ted and make him her young lover. This off course what Ted was set out to achieve.
That evening,Jes cancelled her appointment with her BF and went over to Ted's hotel room. Jes did not make any false pretenses that she was hard to get but rather showed Ted she liked him and was willing to go to bed with him. But Ted was cool and wanted to play his cards right.
They went out for dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant and from that one hour of dinning, Ted managed to dig out lots of info about Jes's wealth and her background.
Jes wasn't as rich as Ted had anticipated but was wealthy enough to give him a comfortable life if he was to be her lover. He was wanted to own his favorite Mercedes car and hope Jes could buy one for him.
They proceeded to Ted's hotel room after the dinner. Ted ordered drinks from the hotel and by 11 pm that night,they had downed at least $200 worth of drinks. Jes assured Ted that she would foot the bill and that pleased Ted.
After the drinking session,Jes persuaded Ted to have a bath with her. Yes Jes was unashamed to give a clear signal to the young Ted that she wanted sex with him. Jes was a "Mrs Robinson",hungering for a young man's love. That night, Ted did not disappoint his would be sugar mommy.
Whenever we flew with Ted, he would boast about his sugar mommy Jes. He would often tell us the gifts Jes showered him. He also claimed she would also give him $$ for staisfying her in bed.
We often teased Ted and asked him to introduce his sugar mom to us to prove he was telling the truth.
One day when Joe and I was working on the flight to HKG with Ted, he introduced us to Jes during our night stop. In fact,Ted brought us to Jes's apartment and Jes invited us with open arms. Ted introduced us to Jes and her sweet 18 year old daughter Nan. Straightaway me and Joe was enchanted by Nan. We were both very attracted to Nan than Jes.
The next day, Jes brought us with her daughter Nan to Macau which was a 3 hour ride by ferry from HKG.
During the time we were gambling in the Macau casino, Joe was busy trying to hook Nan. Anyway,Nan liked Joe as he was the youngest amongst us and the best looking one. In the hotel room, Joe was flirting with Nan.
That evening ended with all the three of us, Jes,Ted and I making several thousand dollars from the casino. We left Macau early the next morning and flew off.
A few months later, I was told that Nan was made pregnant by Joe. Jes was angry with Ted and Joe. Nan was forced by her mom to abort the baby. Ted was blamed for the whole incidence. From that moment onwards, Jes did not welcomed us to her place anymore. Ted lost his sugar mommy because of Joe and they never spoke to each other (Ted and Joe) for many years to come.
From what we gathered, Ted only managed to scrounged a few thousand bucks from Jes. According to Ted it was worth it because he claimed Jes was a hot and sexy woman in bed and had taught him the real art of love making.
Even till the day he was retiring from the airline,Ted still dreamt and talked about having sugar mommies not realising he was already an old man.

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