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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wanna fly for peanuts? Poor Singaporean.

Below is a question supposedly from a S'porean asking Capt Lim about wanting to fly for peanuts.

Hi Captain Lim,

Great website, really helpful info

I am a 35 year Singaporean and I've got an Airbus A320 rating and FAA ATPL but no jet experience. I am so desperate right now that I am willing to fly for food!!

Do you know anybody that will hire me? Seriously, I will fly for peanuts.

Thank you


Hi Douglas,

You know that to be employed in Singapore or Malaysia, you need to convert your FAA ATP to a UKCAA ATPL. A FAA ATP is only recognized in the USA. Please see this posting here

Once you are equipped with the right license, you can then try applying to Tiger Airways or Jetstar Asia in Singapore. From then onwards you can start building up your jet hours. With a minimum of 1500 totals hours, you can unfreeze your ATPL and thereafter, you can say you are marketable to most Middle Eastern or Asian airlines outside Singapore!

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