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Thursday, October 1, 2009

AirAsia Horror - The videos they didn't want us to see

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Anonymous said...

Actually this is pretty common in Europe as well. The people there don't queue either and when the gate opens everybody just ran like crazy (quite a distance in the cold winter temperature, no shuttle bus)to get seats on the plane. No attempts by the crew or airport workers to maintain order and safety of the passengers. I have been on RyanAir, EasyJet and WisAir. OMG the Europeans being so huge and tall just kept cutting our queue by elbowing us (shorter, petite asians, and we are girls somemore). The cabin crew in Europe does not serve the Asians on plane at all.Their airport customs are so inefficient and gave that heck care attitude even though we said our thanks and please to them. If they want to compare services and custom managements I suggest they reflect on their own countries' airline services first. Well-known airlines such as KLM, in my opinion, does not even have comparable service standard as SIA and even JetStar. The covers and pillows looked like someone used it before us when we board the plane. It took ages for them to load our baggages and Kiasuism is so common and much more intense in the European countries. Even though Singapore buget terminal does not provide as good services as the terminals for well-known carriers, it is still way better than those buget terminals in other countries. We shouldn't build our opinion on just this single video case.
An interesting "phenomenon" to share. While boarding a flight to Amsterdam from the Singapore terminal (KLM carrier),we all know that established carriers will assign seats to us and it is stated on the tickets. One hour before boarding Kiasu Europeans queued up and stretched till way outside the waiting area. I thought they should be more civilised by waiting for the call to board in order, giving priority to the elderly and those with infants? The European guys behind us were trying to cut our queue while boarding, erm, is there any purpose in cutting our queue? What is the rush? Likewise can be seen from return trips from other European countries.