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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In response to a CSS's "Word of Wisdom"(post below this one)

Management has neglected the attitudinal aspect of service.
They seem to favour issuing demerit points to address undesirable behaviour and reminders to provide quality service through a 1-2-3 process via circulars.
Sure, service can be provided with a 1-2-3 process and for the theorists, yes, the competency can be measured.
Can we measure attitudes? yeah, sure, on a scale of 1 to 5.. then collate and voila! we have a KPI that measures attitude!! Totally inadequate.

They have managed to remove the barbs from the C-i-C. "Please remind all crew that..." The C-i-C is now merely a telephone exchange.
Repeating what management wants.
All crew will treat the C-i-C as just a loudspeaker. A person that is not to be respected. A person who just carries out the orders from the top... just another crew with a different coloured tie, just another crew that serves just like any other.
So what is the point of being promoted?.. just the IFA and an opportunity to debrief another crew. Big Deal.

The union is just another side show... talk about extensions, talk about protecting the "worker". talk about "saving" jobs.
The politics of Unionism is more than just "saving" jobs. There must be a slant in favour of the "worker" The Union cannot just hide behind the understanding that they are merely around just to ensure management stay within NTUC guidelines or MOM rules.They have to be seen as a defender against management bullying.
They have to get involved in creating promotions, career paths and the welfare of "workers". Defend your members.. even the individuals who have been charged with serious allegations. Currently, no one in the union has the eloquence to debate with management. Do you want to be re-elected? Show some teeth at least... there is not much hair left anyway.

The New Cabin Crew: 6000 strong, 1% are bad apples.. how many is 1% of 6000?... its 60. All we need is these 60 to go around reporting sick at last minute, smoking in public, being rude to customers.. and lots more...They can keep Crew Performance CCE gainfully employed.
Do you know how many people are working in CP dept? gosh!.. its like a Small Medium Enterprise!..
They do nothing but track indexes, track MCs.. and a host of repetitive clerical work.
They think they can track attitudes by calling up the crew and interviewing them at STC. They distrust the C-i-C. so they do the tracking remotely, by looking at complaints vs compliments.
With just 1% of crew being 'bad' they (and the union too, becos they cant do anything since they are toothless)create a long list of demerit points. Just to capture the 1%.. now, is this Harvard graduate quality solution?

Leave now before you become fossilised. Its a downward spiral.


Anonymous said...

Very well written and true. Thank you.

Anonymous said...
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Talk Cock said...

Good thinking.Why don't you start the petition. Stand @ Control @ start the petition during your off days. See how many you can get which will agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Well said Talk Cock !!! You are indeed talking cock =) keep it coming....

Anonymous said...

Dear CSS. Your article was very well written. However I can feel that you are pretty upset with certain issues especially the union. I believe you have reach your time line in the Cabin Crew.

As a colleague, my humble advise is, do not carry this negative feeling with you, try to let go. It's not worth it. This negativity in you will affect you and the people around you.

You won't be happy tomorrow and your next job.

I am upset with the lots of recent happenings, so what am I going to do? I let go. I am learning to let go and takes things, at least my life easy.

No point being so harsh on anyone as they won't feel anything. One unappreciative guy even ask you to start a petition. This idiot is really a piece of S...

Yes You, piece of S..., say something. I believe you sure have something to say.