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Monday, October 5, 2009

Pilots fought cabin crew

In today's Straits Times there was an article about Air India cabin crew fighting with the pilots on a flight over Pakistan. It was reported that a stewardess and a steward fought with the pilots and one pilot and the male cabin crew sustained bruises.
All crew involved in the fight has been suspended from duty by Air India management. An investigation is going on now.
Tell you about my experience with Air India's pilots whom I had flown with some years back. Most of these ex captains from Air India employed by SIA were arrogant and cocky. They gave the cabin crew lots of trouble and one in particular was capt T.H. That Mother F*****
threatened to sack me when I defended a stewardess who was bullied by him. He told me " In Air India,I would have sacked people like you"...well well no point going on because he is 6 feet under ground.
There was another one...can't remember his name though. This capt also was an ass who loved to kick the cc around...now also dead!
I dun care what the matter was on that flight the ST mentioned today but I am sure the cc of Air India were bullied by those high almighty pilots who think the world of themselves....yucks they are merely drivers!
Can't stand those jackass......kick them cc and feed them you know what with their food.

BT: Dun forget people will alway remember and curse you for the things you unfairly did to them even after you have been long gone and roasting in hell.


Anonymous said...

Here in SQ, were make love.
Once in a while, the session not so shiok, so, go to office and complain.
Thats why kenna DI and CI.
We make love, not war.
Additional ingredient in drinks maybe but no fighting with pilot..
after all, our lives are in their hands... ( because nothing between their legs )

Make love no war said...

ya we in SQ love one another,coz the gals like to bemade shiok shiok. Once a while the pilots steal our gals (we oredi shiok them)and made them wives...hehe.

Anonymous said...

you mean rotting in hell or roasting in hell?

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
you mean rotting in hell or roasting in hell?

Aiya as if i my england is so bad meh? Roasting like char siew...hehehe

Eddy said...

Boh Tong you are D Bestest!

Anonymous said...

Ha! ha!.. yah!.. bicycles got stolen by pilots!!

Anonymous said...

If the pilots are drivers then it makes the cabin crew, waiters/waitresses and toilet cleaners ? Is that right ?