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Friday, October 23, 2009

Pilots have last laugh..hahaha

Can u imagine what will happened to the flight if the tc (technical crew or pilots)start to bicker or back stabbed each other like the cc (cabin crew)? With the pilots there is no such thing man. Discipline is strict and the captain holds the stick. If the other tc does not behaved in the cockpit the capt will whack them hard. Go against the capt is considered a mutiny. In the old days of sailing ships the mutineers would be instantly put to death (ever watch movies like Mutiny on the Bounty or Morgan the Pirate?).
Coming back to our tc,if the co pilot is not a likable chap the capt would not allow him to pilot the aircraft (take off and landing). In this way the co pilot would not have enough experience and the hours to become a capt.
The tc does not questioned the commander/capt of the flight unless it is serious safety issues.
The company is more concerned with the morale of the capts than the co pilots. The co pilots are happy with the status quo because they know that one day they too would become capts or commanders.
Cc is immature and short sighted and therefore is not concerned about their future. They do not realised that if they back stab their seniors now they would in return be screwed by their juniors when they become senior cc.
In cc the union issue is also similiar. The opposition would sabotaged the incumbent. CC wants to be in the limelight and one way is to be a unionist.
During meeting with management, cc unionists would belittle the management.They would also bang table and shout at their svps,managers and cces. Management would try to look pitiful and absorbed all the rubbish the unionists dished out to them. I have often heard praises being heaped on Doraisamy and Eddy Chew (ex union leaders in cc)by cc for ridiculing the management people.
Little do these small minded cc realised that when management pretend to be stupid and humble they are playing into their hands. Then when the unionists' ego is inflated,management would snook them and get whatever they set out to do.This is the art of negotiation,I was once told by an ex svp. "Butter their asses until they (the unionists)feel shiok shiok and then we snook them and dish out whatever we want".
Hello cc wake up man! Well not in a hundred years I supposed.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to public, both pilots and cabin crew will appear happy together for photo opps.
Who laughs the loudest?
Not pilots, Not cabin crew....


Anonymous said...

Haha. Bohtong did u write that article? What are u talking about? U supported & praise Alan so much when his team beat Eddie's. What junior respect the senior? I nearly fall off my chair when I read it.

Don't u think u should omit some of the sentences?

Don't act modest & say u are just speaking the truth.

The truth is that u are "force" 2 leave the coy & blame former SVP CC & Union leader for ur misfortune.

boh tong said...

I still think Alan & Co is good and Alan is not the type to bang table.I am referring to the past but also hope Alan's ppl dun behave like the others.
As for ur statement that i was forced to leave the coy,u are wrong. I am thankful to Sim KW for letting me go otherwise i would rot in sia.
Besides,in the world outside i have the chance to show how good and talented i am.
Thanks for ur comment buddy.

Edmund R said...

The air is fresher outside of SIA.Just take a step out and you will know what I mean.