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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Snr gave them back to jnr crew

OK! OK!.. rest period over!!
get your backsides out of the galley and serve Juice & water, take drink orders from J class and prepare for service!!!

No more surfing the net and doing online trades on ebay, SGX... and I dont give a damn if your are degree holder or not.! 3yrs, 5 yrs or 15 yrs..LS or CS..

So many empty coffee cups, empty plastic cups in J class pax tables!
What the hell have you been doing?
and why are the blankets not folded away? No more toothbrushes in the toilets? GO TO FIRST CLASS & GET THEM NOW!!!

Who was the one who served instant noodles without using linen on the tray? and no offers of chinese tea to go with it?

Where is the CS in charge of this J class?. Call yourself a "Chief"??
Please do overlap service for Breakfast and it should be completed within 45mins from the first tray served to the last tray collected. I am not the least interested about your full load.
I am certain you can deal with this ... otherwise give your name tag to the LSS instead.

.... meanwhile... Captain Yong wants a soft boiled egg, kopi-tiam style... with tau yew..
and we should serve it... along with the carrot cake and chilli sauce to First Officer Jeffrey...

... why?... becos we will chocks on at 12:31.. means 2.5...times

Junior crew are just about themselves. Too selfish to think for anyone else but themselves.

- Roster (Why am I given so many turnarounds?)
- Bitch about other crew (How did she/he get in?)
- Throw away sales coupon (Because they are not the one earning the commission.)
- "Wasn't taught how to clean the toilet so I do not clean them"
- "How was the food prepared?" Don't know

All they can think of are LV, Gucci and Prada.

Be grateful for what you have. It is a job, whether people value it or not, you do it well.

All you do is to bloody complain, what do you do about it? Nothing! Want to quit, don't dare to quit. Bloody Goons...

To the highly / over qualified / Graduate junior crew out there, spare a thought before you nasty comment. Respect the seniors, of course, not to those idiots.

Granted, I have my fair share for abt 11 years plus in this line, having seen CC changing hands several times. Top 10? You named it, I have them. They are the ones who made us where we are today, of course in the course on it, plenty of nonsense which i don't deny.

The reason why SQ service is going down - staff lacking of passion. This so called " Super on " siao lang didn't make it to extension or failed to pass down all those secret trades. As a result, the newer generation of crew only follow by the book strictly. Remember, CC is no rocket scientist, being able to write an article in your VR doesn't make you a better crew. Its because of crew like you whom you think you can run a flight without the guidance of experienced ones, good luck !!!

So, pls don't bragged about how highly qualified you are, or smart your brain exercises. They are things in life that paper qualification or school will never teaches you - experience. EG: Pax handling, look at how the " O Level " holders as you have mentioned senior ones does it.

In the past, CC was headed by service oriented personel. Today its overlooked by business people, whom are only interested in the profits. F@#k the service if its not cost effective.

Its clear cut if the system doesn't change, it will ultimately be the downfall of SQ CC.

Fyi, I am also a graduate, caught between the crossroad of both new /old school of thoughts in CC. Nevertheless, I won't never think or talk like you, let alone your self centered behaviour.

No offence, just my two cents worth
See you onboard.


Anonymous said...

Does not mean with some paper qualification you'll get better jobs outside!

Depends on what sort of degree.
Eg lawyers, doctors, engineers with upper second class honours are all in demand.

The rest employers just dump them into the trash!

There are also fake ones in the market.

So if you think you are a graduate from some pseudo uni try looking for a job in the market.
Nowadays everyone in the street is a graduate.

More and more graduates joining cc dept.

Why? Maybe travelling, good money, or even couldnt get a job which has the salary equilvalent to cc.

One thing missing, lacking in dedication and passion in their work.

Time will tell.

Whether some may call in the dinosaur era or stone age.

At least it was Service What Other Airlines Talk About.

So now everyone just dont bother.

It's just anotther job!

Lets sit back and watch how far the airline is going to slide.

New Practical Kid said...

Wah.If the Snr behave like army sergeant as per yesteryears, all the junior like myself will write them in and there goes their jobs.Even better, write in newspaper forums and internet online forums.CC mgt sure afraid of these and thus need to do something on this 'siao' snr crew.Service drop?Why does the Snr worry so much?It is ONLY a JOB.Just do it and go home lah.Overseas, go shopping & clubbing lah.No need to invite the Snr Crew as they will nag about how we shld dress, how we shold behave.All of them full of shit.And who will have the last laugh?We the junior lah.'Cos these same Snr Crew got no extension.

Anonymous said...

Toady it is about how well you write. Recently, I did a flight and there was unhappy paxs both in EYCL & JCL due to seats and movie problems.The young complex leaders tried to solve the problem but the movies were kaput.As normal, they apologise to the paxs and they wrote a beautiful VRs. No effort was made to pacify affected paxs or tried to win their hearts.When asked, they say they already did their best and that it is not their fault and VR will cover their backside.
Imagine the olden days, the crew hv got no choice but to try and win the paxs heart by doing everything possible and not that.Also the crew hv to spend time pacifying the paxs and boost his ego thru' small talk.Most of the time, because of crew attitude and sincerity and time spend with paxs, most of the time, the affected paxs become their friends.
So what a difference in CC culture.

Anonymous said...

"how well you write"

Yes, that is true.
Management recognise paper only...
VR is the evidence. Magnagement also are graduates.. they need evidence to present to even higher management.
So, in the end, its just do what the book say.. no need to small talk with customers.
Write in VR that small talk was done.
Write in VR that all things done.

Thats all management wants. If they are not sure, they send spies and ward managers to come and see for themselves.
But lots of wayang then.

Graduates vs Graduates... dinosaurs die!
Wah!! good to watch man!

Anonymous said...

Graduates vs Graduates... dinosaurs die!
Wah!! good to watch man!

Hahaha. Waiting for the movie. Must be interesting. Very very true. Dinosaurs also need to change their game plan. Be in-sync with the time. Snr Crew can ask the graduate to write for them & cover their backsides also. Gone are the days of small talks and pleasing others.

Anonymous said...

SQ was the choice of many worldwide companies bcos it WAS a great way to fly.... BUT now with robotic junior cabin crew like you, it will soon be a SAD way to fly!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi BohTong,
Dont you think that all this bickering should stop in your blog?
Letting all these read by all?
What do you think?


boh tong said...

Hi BohTong,
Dont you think that all this bickering should stop in your blog?
Letting all these read by all?
What do you think?

It's ok to allow them let go their frustration. Hope mgmt realise it.

Anonymous said...

Be careful mgt give u another letter.
hope u won't get into serious trouble as they deem u 2 be the steerer.

Anonymous said...

"Be careful mgt give u another letter.
hope u won't....."

There is always 2 sides of a coin.

Jr crew and Sr crew views.

Who are the non performers and a arrogance type attitude etc...?

All ranks included!

As this is a public viewing forum, ANYONE can view!

We a living in this tiny island, remember it can be traced!

I know some of the comments made may not be the actual ranking of a particular crew.

Every working environment and office is the same!
Bound to have "rotten" apples
Only thing cc dept is huge.
Its easier to manage if you have a Small & Medium Enterprise.

With a pool of 7000 crew everyone wants to climb up the ladder.

One short cut to success is to run your own business.

So in anything you do you must have the "Passion" for it.
Remain "Dedicated & Commited" in doing it. All this can be achieve if you are happy & contented with your job, solely depends on how you manage it.
Focus on your job!
Not the co.!

Trust me you will be notice!

This apply to anywhere you work!

Different people have different mentality, we all are not born equal.
Some people's brain need a longer period of time to develope.

Some may agree some may not.

The above is just my opinion.:)

Anonymous said...

The above is very inspiring and true.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How you guess? Please no name calling. Thank you

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

some snr crew are just so lazy that they command the juniors crew like their slave, do this do that never get appreciated. do wrong things who get the blame? the juniors got the blame and be a scapegoat. some even write VRS for 10hours trying to escape from service and the rest of crews suffer. some complex leader cannot handle emotion. load full kanjiong like spider worst make us stress. NO matter what we have to finish the service, SO DOES IT MATTER?

BEAUTY said...

Yes so true.The Snr act writing rpts throughout the flt.They act bz onli.Knw hw to talk & always yaya papaya.Take so long 2 write report onli 'O' level, english not powderful.Thats y CC take graduates, 'cos can write excellent rpts fast & command of english excellent.Nw if i c Snr crew sit down & spent lots of time writing rpts, i ask them whether i can help.If they decline, then i nicely tell them that they need to work as we are shorthanded.If they get angry & scould you, just feedback via e-mail to CP. Sure xtension or promotion got stuck.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Flying is a job. Yes it is. Why choose this job if you have no passion ? Working without any passion will only wears you down in no time. Believe me. It will add stress to your life.

I have a word of advice to the Jr crew. Your manual and your aptitude can only get you so far. You need to possess that mental flying attitude if you want to enjoy your flying career. You are a graduate. Good for you and I am proud of you. It's people like you that have lifted the image of the flying profession. But the again , who is not a graduate today ? hmmmmm ......

Please do not belittle the older generation of the senior crew. They may not be graduates but they have what you don't. " EXPERIENCE and Street smartness that your manuals and books don't teach.

I know it may sound too cliche about having eaten more salt than you have taken rice. But the truth is they have more years of flying. No matter how hard you try to catch up with your flying , you will always be behind them.

Most of my batch gals have left flying. Some are full time mothers while some others successful career women. You know what ? each time we meet , we never stop sharing about our wonderful and nostalgic flying days. Forget about the zapping and roll flying in the galley. How many times did we enter the briefing room with butterflies in our stomach ? Not knowing what the next surprise would be coming from the IFS and the infamous Reds. But You know what ? When I look back , I missed those days. It made me more alert, it made me more prepared and most of all more street smart.

Junior crew are a blessed lot. But don't forget , each time a new batch enters the airline , they bring with them a new sets of values and expectations, so you will also one day face the same situation.

Some of you will stay on and make flying a career while others may just quit and move to something better. The options are there and you are the best judge.

Safety is important , Yes , it should be the no 1 priority. But what makes us different from another airline ? Our new aircraft ? Nope. It's YOU !!!! You make the difference.

To the older crew ( like me ) who are counting years , months and days to be in the same league of the Dodo birds , please remember , we belong to a different generation. So please relax and loosen that bun a little. ( just an expression )

We need to adapt ( and I am trying ) Even the passengers we get today are so different from those we used to get on F and J in the hey days. So you see ...we need to move with the time.

Last but not least ...junior crew ...listen and listen good. You are as good as the service you give to your passengers. You judge your passengers , your passengers judge you too. Whether you like it or not , that ass hole on board is paying you your salary and your allowance.

I know some of these ass holes deserve to be shot , but embrace yourself and just say to yourself ...thank god we are parting ways after this flight. Smile and sashay away. Why stress yourself ??? Have a pleasant flight.

MY 2 cents :)

Love Matahari
Matahari is coming after you .