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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stop that bickering wilya?

Crew should stopped bickering about each other... more so the junior ones. Respect the seniors and try to get along with each other. Dun care what the management tells you but once the aircraft doors are closed,you guys are in charge. The flight takes off and you are the kings and queens.
I remember a captain once told me..." Once the doors are closed,we run the show. We do whatever we like eg. upgrade our friends to first class,eat before paxs did especially the caviars and pate etc etc."
How would management knows what you do on board if none of you spied for them? Be good to one another and enjoy the work and f%#@k what is in the book. Have a good time and at the end of the day enjoy your stay overseas and collect the allowances.
Sincerely I believe that once you guys,including the tech crew can be good to each other the paxs will also benefit.
So dun be stupid and be kay khiang and screw each other up. If you do the management will have the last laugh.


Anonymous said...

Tell me, what is your staff number?
I will report you.

Anonymous said...

Haha. He is trying to lighten things up and there goes another who wants to report. Gd la U

Anonymous said...

Typical of most of the people living in this island "MENTALITY"!

Only knows how to COMPLAIN!

Anonymous said...

What an arsehole...whole life, stabbing one another to the delight of the management!
No wonder flying is no longer fun with 5% of vinditive cabin crew like the 1st back stabber!
If y r a guy..u r a prick!
If u r female..u r a cunt!