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Thursday, October 22, 2009

This jr crew's comment make sense?

hi BT,

haven't been visiting ur blog for a long time n suddenly so many posts about jnr vs snr crew.

i'm a jnr crew myself n my take is this. times have indeed changed n no matter how much snrs complain, u can change maybe 1 or 2 individuals but never ALL of the young generation's attitude to work and life. if a new crew decides she will not take the css's shit, giving her more shit will not make her a better crew.

if the management recognizes this as a threat to the company's survival, they could be doing something about it, not to change our mindset, but to create a good environment to motivate young crew to perform better.

yet so far it has only been disappointing. crew morale remains low. certain cost-cutting measures (eg. downgrading hotels, shorter layover periods, simplifying services etc.) only make us feel like we're moving towards being a budget airline. how do u expect jnr crew to experience the same magic of flying as before? people blame us for not having the passion but i believe passion can be cultivated and comes with a sense of belonging (which unfortunately does not only come with reciting the pledge 1st day of every mth).

encouraging crew to write each other in may not be the best policy, but perhaps they thought it's a good way to protect the new 'fragile' generation, and not to mention appease these opinionated people. after all, they gotta uphold their own rules that they created. of cos, the flip side is they have created a 'write-in' culture at the same time.

there's a reason y the management is called 'management'.

lastly, some1 mentioned that respect is earned and not expected. most of the new crew will definitely respect their elders, but if u behave like an asshole and expect me to treat u like a god, the ans is no way.

juz my 2 cents. happy flying!



SVP of a NGO said...

The young crew w/o a customer oriented mindset should quit and make way for others who are more positive and hungry. No excuse or give the shit about management trying to adapt to you. You are employee and not employer.

Anonymous said...

You can be sure of more people quitting soon and by next year there will be shortage of crew, looking at some of the flts these days, can you imagine 8 leading crew in a turnard singaporeans will want to join maybe those ugly cannot make it ones who dream of becoming a stewardess.
even some malaysians are getting sick of the company, most likely they will recruit more indians and chinese fss, since they are cheap and willing to take shit and give back shit service to the pax..

Anonymous said...

Of course he makes sense, the guys are on contract, who gives a shit!!
Do your job and get your money, that's all. Not happy then QUIT lor.. there's plenty of jobs out there.. Crew morale is at a ALL TIME LOW!! never have i seen it this low, everyone just doin their fair share and fuck off.. Bor Tong why dont you run a poll whether our current SVP should go??

OneYearFlying Baller said...

I'm a junior crew. But I do not share your views on this issue. I refuse to believe I belong to a generation of fragile glass sculptures. Please do not assume that all "younger generation crew" are the same.

If you have to blame someone, blame the parents of these 'fragile' youngings. Back in school, I've seen many parents marching to school threatening the teachers over an alleged harshness on students. In the army, parents complain to the ministries regarding officers who used profanities in camp.

I believe you may be one of em and you've been sheltered all your life. You expect red carpets rolled and flowers thrown on your path to the working world. Grow up! It is the same in any industry! When you join, you adapt! Your boss isn't gonna polish your ballocks like the way mama does.

I've been zapped, yelled at, corrected. Hell I've even been made to apologize to every pax in YCL because I forgot to thaw the ice-cream. But these experiences made me a much better crew today. And I never held any grudges against the LS. What for? He taught me a good lesson, just like the beatings my dad gave me when he found out I flipped a finger at my teacher when I was 14.

Bottom line: Beat your kids so they don't become "fragile".

p.s. Think it's about time our girls serve NS..

Captain of SQ said...

OneYearFlying Baller said...
I'm a junior crew. But I do not share your views on this issue. I refuse to believe I belong to a generation of fragile glass sculptures.

I am proud of this guy who commented above. But sad to say not many are like him. Nevertheless I am relieved to hear there are such young people around. Thank u and I salute U!

OneYearFlying Baller said...

I bet you my sq16 allowance somebody here will comment on me polishing seniors' balls.. Such negativity!

Captain of SQ..
Thanks. There are plenty of junior crew like that around. Mainly the guys who served NS and some girls who.. are matured enough. We are not really heard of because we don't have anything to complain about. Those who run their mouths (or keyboard) make themselves loud enough for others to automatically assume we are all snobbish and 'fragile'.

OneYearFlying Baller said...

"Your Mother's Army" by Mr Brown

This is a parody of what NS is becoming. Coming soon: Your mother's Airline

Anonymous said...

"....beatings my dad gave me when he found out I flipped a finger at my teacher when I was 14.

Bottom line: Beat your kids so they don't become "fragile"."

To One Year Flying Baller.

I respect you! Even you may be young enough to be my son.

There are bound to have rotten apples in any ranks, these are only the minority.

Do not believe what other comments about leaving. Outside market is very bad. Just enjoy the job.

Remember this there are lots of people waiting in the line to join cabin crew.So dont think your seniority or loyalty is valued by the co.!

Tell yourself you are very fortunate that there is no restructuring!

In the eyes of any co.morale of the staff is not important & everywhere is cutting cost. It's the employer's market!

So just be committed and dedicated in whatever you do.
Not to the co.!


Anonymous said...

"..outside market very bad..."
That line was used 35 years ago..
and used every year since.. and I still got retrenched.. and its still very "bad"?.. ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!..
the things they do to keep all of captive... ha! ha! ha! ha!...

joan said...

hello all,

my post was not abt proclaiming how 'fragile' we r and how much protection we deserve.

i'm still enjoying my job and i do not think i'm 'fragile' either, but i admit i'm definitely more sheltered than the last generation. the term 'fragile generation'(or strawberries, as the media has put it) is juz a term coined by others to define the generation gap.

gotta salute oneyearflyingballer for not holding any bit of grudge to all crew who has zapped u. but believe me u r the minority. if the crew has good intentions, i will still be grateful. unfortunately not all zappers do.

but extremists who write in r also a minority in the co. it is not fair to say that all jnr crew r snobbish n fragile, but most of us r indeed more sheltered than the last generation. again, i did not say that this is an excuse for us to provide bad service. merely suggesting a factor for the evolution of the working culture. not juz in the airline, but everywhere else.

only time can tell what will become of the airline... or our country, for that matter...


Anonymous said...

We Feel for you. We, the HEART team will fight for your rights.

Remember to vote us for 1 more term, next year.

We will feel and act on your behalf.

Vote for the HEART team.

Anonymous said...

Hello Heart Team, you are giving the soppies to the Crew who need to grow up and face the jungle out there. This is the real world - hey you SQ crew, when you applied for the job, you were enthusiastic, filled with dreams of wearing the uniform to represent the Airline - you had to make your dreams come true - fly and see the world, be the best ambassador for your flag, then when you buggers are in - you bloody complain about everything. Life is not a bed of roses, you lie in it because you choose it, thorns and all. Wake up from the cosy world you live in and come alive for Pete's sake.

Anonymous said...

Clap! Clap! Clap!

AirAsia and AirAsiaX win the CAPA Airline of the Year Award 2009.

Slowly but surely the nation carrier is going down.

Only time will tell.