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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today he's a nobody

Alex was a graduate cabin crew. He became a leading steward (LS) in a short span of time. He was a likeable cc but by his seniors. To his junior he was a slave driver. Alex knew the currying favour game very well. His managers,cces and svps loved him.
Tired of flying,Alex applied to be an office cce (cabin crew executive). He was assinged to various departments in cc. Over a 3 year period he executed his duties much to the delight of his manager and was recommended to a be a cce/ct (cabin crew executive check and training) an enviable post.
Things got into Alex's head when he was made a cce c/t. He knew his colleagues were non graduates and he looked down on them. He would,behind his colleagues' back made fun of them together with his manager who was also a graduate.
One day, a stewardess's husband who was a LS complained to the office about Alex's unprofessional handling of his wife's appraisal. It was alleged that Alex called the stewardess to meet him at a lonely spot in S'pore for her appraisal. Any idiot in SIA cc would know that a superior had no right besides being against the rule to meet privately away from the office/airplane to discuss about the appraisal or work.
It was alleged that Alex was trying to take advantage of the naive stewardess and threatened her with a bad check. If she "co-operates" with him he would changed the ratings on the appraisal from bad to good.
After an investigation by cc management,they found there was truth in the complaint. CC management reluctantly asked Alex to leave the company.It wasn't sure whether Alex was compensated (cash)but he had to leave so as to avoid embarrassing the company. Can you imagine if the press got to know about the case.
Alex's wife who was an ex-stewardess had tolerated Alex's behaviour for several years. In fact, she knew about a case of him making a stewardess pregnant while they were married. That was the last straw and she left him.
Today, Alex is a nobody. He now drives a taxi and complained to an ex colleague that he can't make ends meet.


Anonymous said...

BT your ex-colleague, E**c Lo* was so full of himself. He thought he was "God's gift" to CC.

Anonymous said...

He damn how lian when he was a ct.SIA wasted $ by sending him to study overseas.He din even get an honours degree but can come back to cc asa cce.

Anonymous said...

He has paid his dues brothers and sisters.
What else you want to befall him?
No one is a saint without sins, otherwise cast the first stone.
My two cents

Eddie said...

No one said they want anyhting untoward to befall him. We merely said the type of person he was. This is a place we discuss things and so don't be too workup friend.

Anonymous said...

E...Lo..was my junior in service, he was a cce when he came to appriase me(IFS)heard so much negative stuff about him.
He was very very nice n respectful to me.
He commented that when he was my junior, I was extremely strict and constantly corrected his mistakes.
Revenge time?
No,he gave me the most outstanding appraisal