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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A weirdo supervisor

This ifs was a weirdo meaning one who behaves in a strange manner. Let's say his name was Jay. On all his flights whether it was a 10 day flight or 2 day flight he would merely carry a brief case and no other suitcase. He would cramped his clothing and his favorite bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Whisky.
I once visited him in his hotel room and he was only wearing his brief. He would drink his whisky squatting on the floor. He seldom leave his hotel room nor socialised with his crew. He was one who did not like food. He enjoyed his whisky and cigarettes. Jay was also a man of few words. How did he get promoted to the supervisor rank baffled many.
There was an occasion during the pre-flight he ordered his crew not to serve his senior ,a check steward (equivalent of a cabin crew executive)food and drinks on a 12 hour flight. Jay was crazy to have issued that kind of instruction especially in the check steward's presence.
Naturally Jay was reported to the office and subsequently reprimanded.
BTW the check steward was also another weirdo. He was that CH whom I talked about a post below.
It was not long before these 2 weirdos were given the early retirement.

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