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Monday, October 19, 2009

Word of wisdom from a Chief Stewardess to the young and "how lian" crew

If flying is only a job.Then why choose this job if you have no passion ? Why take this low esteem job of a waiter/waitress in the air when you have so many other options ? You have the papers and the new G mentality , why stress yourself in this work ? Move on and do something more worth your while.

Working without any passion will only wears you down in no time. Believe me. It will add stress to your life.

I have a word of advice to the Jr crew. Your manual and your aptitude can only get you so far.

To be a good CC you don't have to apple polish your senior. Carry balls to get good check reports etc ...just do your job and know your stuff.

You need to possess that mental flying attitude if you want to enjoy your flying career. Being a graduate can only get you so far. Today , who is not a graduate today ? hmmmmm you need that extra X factor.

To the older crew ( like me ) who are counting years , months and days to be in the same league of the Dodo birds , please remember , we belong to a different generation. So please relax and loosen that bun a little. ( just an expression )

We need to adapt ( and I am trying ) Even the passengers we get today are so different from those we used to get on F and J in the hey days. So you see ...we need to move with the time.

..junior crew ...listen and listen good. You are as good as the service you give to your passengers. You judge your passengers , your passengers judge you too. Whether you like it or not , that ass hole on board is paying you your salary and your allowance.

I know some of these ass holes deserve to be shot , but embrace yourself and just say to yourself ...thank god we are parting ways after this flight. Smile and sashay away. Why stress yourself ??? Have a pleasant flight.

Outstation , if you do not wish to bond with your fellow colleagues , no one is forcing it down your throat. All you have to do is be nice and polite. Besides the bonding , it will also strengthen your social skills.

Talking about retirement ??? hahahah , it will get to you someday soon. Graduate or not ...age is a number. Most importantly is when that day comes , you can look back and say to yourself " How much you have enjoyed and lived"

Have a pleasant flight !!

Love always
The lady in Red is after you.

MY 2 cents :)

Love Matahari


Just A Stewardess said...

Well said.Thank you for the pep talk.
But then again, how are you going to work and perform if you start your work with butterflies in your stomach.It is going to be tough to have fear and perform your best.Also it is not easy to interact with strangers and people who have different in thinking and aspirations.I am a newbie.I always have the impression before I join CC that life as a CC is a lifestyle. But after a couple of years in the industry, I began to realise that it is not so.You need to be independent and to love solitude. Away from home, you are on your own at most times. You eat alone, shop alone, and do things alone. It is a sad state. Thank GOD for technologies where you can still communicate the whole day and pass your time communicating with your loved ones who are at home.I cannot wait to the day where I can grab my gratuity and leave and move on to a stable job where I can make friends, real friends. Once again, really thank you for your sharing. My only wish is that I could have been born earlier and join CC much earlier where the stories of FUN & PASSION was the flavor of the day.

CC wannabe said...

Just A Stewardess said...
Well said.Thank you for the pep talk.....U chosed to be alone cos u must be the anti social type.This job does not suit u vice versa...get out and let those hundreds of gals who are hungry and want the cc job badly.

Just A Stewardess said...

Thank you for the word of advice.To clarify, it is not that I/some of us want to be alone.When we organise for a meet-up, majority of the CC want to have their own private times. Furthermore, the Snr CC do not want to mingle with us also. So it is not that we have a CHOICE to spend our time alone. How I wish I was born earlier and join CC earlier and live the life of a true CC.

Always wanna be cc said...

All cc like u better leave the airlines fast so people like us can fill up the positions.

sato-san said...

The current climate in cc is not able to accomodate the social norms of yester years.
Crew were very "on" 20 years ago.

1) the age gap between seniors and juniors was narrow.. junior crew could be 18 years old and the LS could be 21 years, CS 25years and IFS 30 years. We could share jokes and still have some distance. Now there is more distance and less jokes.

2)the COP now is very tight.. the odd times that crew can gather is limited.. with long haul flights, crew need time to recover and recharge.. downtime away from humans.. which leads to the next point...

3) with internet and online multi player games.. crew rather kill each other safely. So they appear to hibernate..this limits the rapport building and social abilities of Gen X

The seniors ( those with more than 15-20 yrs ) have faint memories of what happened then. Not everything in the past was good.. especially the pay.. you could do a 14day tour of duty and get paid $1K+.. yeah.. 1K. No IFA either. No rest period too.
Since there was no rest periods, what could we do? we entertained ourselves..

A) folded origami paper trays to contain sugar satchets.. now its evolved into neat plastic containers.
B) we removed 326 bread rolls and breakfast main dishes from each YCL tray, unwrapped each breakfast fruit bowl, (747 fleet , you will understand these if you are one of those who have clocked 20years ) Now its all in chilled boxes and
nice heatable plastic bags.

C) we also planned what we could do during our nite stop. Should we tease the most junior FS and pair him with the most junior FSS? Yes, there was mischief. But we kept it all under wraps. Try doing this now on your next flight. You will get the FSS uncle, who happens to be sitting on the board of Singtel, calling your CEO and next thing... KAPOW!.. Company Inquiry.

This is the sore point with seniors.. and the most dangerous. Junior crew will scream "injustice" and complain to husband, uncle, lawyer boyfriend, adopted parents, Member of Paliarment.. taxi driver.

Its strange though. Why dont they ever complain about xtra rest periods? or that the IFS agreed to allow the crew's boyfriend, husband to join the transport..

It is not a sad situation. This is what the new Cabin Crew is. It has evolved. Seniors can only relish the yester years. It will not return.
Members of the New Cabin Crew: what will you want to leave behind?
Perhaps your avatar.. an unreal world that lives only on your laptop?... ok.. fine.. see you online.. name your battleground.

after all, its only a game right?

Anonymous said...

Sato - San,

You made my day. Thank you for saying out the things which lots of us wanted to say to the younger ones.

STOP killing each other, you guys should enjoy working together as adults. If you are united, NO one, NOT even management can do anything to you.

Those that have been there ( Not necessary ranking crew ok ? ) sure you know what i mean by " Enjoying ".

Its has happened before, it can happen again. Question is do you people want it?

Anonymous said...

Don't be ungrateful and rude.

"BO TUA BO SUAY" ( No respect ) does not terrorise people.
You are just showing your juniors how they should treat you in future.
Perhaps you may wanna think back how should you talk to elderly of your family.

Lightning strike hor, my friend !!!

Anonymous said...

Well said Matahari !!!

Anonymous said...

Sato-san. You hit the nails bulls-eye. The old CC can never come back. Its not the times nor the evolving. Along the way, policy changes and the new CC are BORN. We use to do short nite-stop (BKK, MNL, JKT, DPS, etc) and there was BONDING. The same nite-stops is here but what happen? All go to the room and zzzz. So my take is that values have change. Its like a family. Certain values, like respect of the elders, listening to advice of elders, appease the emotion of elders, still exists in some families as generation passes these values to the next generations. However, if family instil in their young western values then the family will have western behaviour like leaving the house at age 18, having a drink at home anytime/age, calling their Dad by their names, demanding their human rights, etc. Not that it is bad but then again the teaching of Confucious will be eroded in our society. Why this happen? Along the way, family want to mimick the western way of life. Same with policies. Along the way, trainings are conducted using materials from the western literatures. Those snr CC go for re-training in managing people and they are exposed to western literatures and the western way of motivating the younger generations. It is similar to the training conducted by western airlines. So CC ( the jnr/snr) are not to be blamed for the state we are in now. Its the training that have change CC.

The Eurasian said...

there are some truth there on the above comment.those on mgts are also different from those of yesteryears who climb up through the ranks & know what is EXCELLENT service. today it is about KPIs. just implement new things & if it works & save $$ then can move up the ladder & transferred to other areas & again, implement new things & if its a success, move again with promotion. there is also no passion in the mgt ranks. its all about individual success. so for flying crew, it is the same model. just earn $$ & do the JOB. Passion?

boh tong said...

Many chose the cc job because of the $ and perks.Let's not kid ourselves about having passion for the job. Of course there are a handful who have passion and commitment.Under today's climate it's better just to "render unto Caesar what's Caesar..."
No matter what happens we can NEVER go back to those yesteryears of cc bonding and fun.It's a different generation,a generation where the youngies aren't hungry anymore.
Frankly I blame the ppl who run the show not just the youngies.

Anonymous said...

Management has neglected the attitudinal aspect of service.
They seem to favour issuing demerit points to address undesirable behaviour and reminders to provide quality service through a 1-2-3 process via circulars.
Sure, service can be provided with a 1-2-3 process and for the theorists, yes, the competency can be measured.
Can we measure attitudes? yeah, sure, on a scale of 1 to 5.. then collate and voila! we have a KPI that measures attitude!! Totally inadequate.

They have managed to remove the barbs from the C-i-C. "Please remind all crew that..." The C-i-C is now merely a telephone exchange.
Repeating what management wants.
All crew will treat the C-i-C as just a loudspeaker. A person that is not to be respected. A person who just carries out the orders from the top... just another crew with a different coloured tie, just another crew that serves just like any other.
So what is the point of being promoted?.. just the IFA and an opportunity to debrief another crew. Big Deal.

The union is just another side show... talk about extensions, talk about protecting the "worker". talk about "saving" jobs.
The politics of Unionism is more than just "saving" jobs. There must be a slant in favour of the "worker" The Union cannot just hide behind the understanding that they are merely around just to ensure management stay within NTUC guidelines or MOM rules.They have to be seen as a defender against management bullying.
They have to get involved in creating promotions, career paths and the welfare of "workers". Defend your members.. even the individuals who have been charged with serious allegations. Currently, no one in the union has the eloquence to debate with management. Do you want to be re-elected? Show some teeth at least... there is not much hair left anyway.

The New Cabin Crew: 6000 strong, 1% are bad apples.. how many is 1% of 6000?... its 60. All we need is these 60 to go around reporting sick at last minute, smoking in public, being rude to customers.. and lots more...They can keep Crew Performance CCE gainfully employed.
Do you know how many people are working in CP dept? gosh!.. its like a Small Medium Enterprise!..
They do nothing but track indexes, track MCs.. and a host of repetitive clerical work.
They think they can track attitudes by calling up the crew and interviewing them at STC. They distrust the C-i-C. so they do the tracking remotely, by looking at complaints vs compliments.
With just 1% of crew being 'bad' they (and the union too, becos they cant do anything since they are toothless)create a long list of demerit points. Just to capture the 1%.. now, is this Harvard graduate quality solution?

Leave now before you become fossilised. Its a downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

Well said whoever you are. You gain my respect.

Now, for the younger and " smarter " crew, do you still wana work hand in hand? Or you you still prefer to step on the senior crew to climb the ladder?

You decide !!!

I, for one is not promoted for more then 10 yrs since joining coy. Never had I thought of or exercise " writting in " or " stabbing " people on the back just to be there as I believe things will be back to haunt you someday.

Not to mentioned work load is getting more heavier, pax gets more demanding, flights are not getting easier. So why kill each other? Why? Why? Why?

My call is to put all these things to and end, just work in harmony, don't " tum-pok tum-pok " (A bit only) email mgt.

In every aspect of work life, there bound to be unhappiness.Shoot here, shoot there, healthy meh? Therefoe I strongly believe that we will be able to enjoy if we point our guns or knives elsewhere other than our fellow colleagues.

Hope that clarifies

For those typical Sporean civil service attitude, pls and go and watch
" MUST FOLLOW LAW " a local movie by Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh. You will probably see yourself there. Then you tell us if its wise to do such things.

V senior non- ranking crew

Anonymous said...

To all the "How Lian" yet "No brain" newbies out there,

I believe you guys have not been in the work force that long enough to witness what transparency is all about.

Let me share with you - In a country like ours, more so a coy we work for just like any other civil service industry, it will never be 100% transparent. NEVER!!!

Being born and breed here for decades, from school then NS to work, most of us will agreed that over here, its the boss says that goes. Its not you, its not me or anyone else, its the system the way they rule this coy, just like the way they rule this island.

If you keep yourself abreast of what's happening in this island politically, you will realised some things do not, and will not change - know what I mean? If you have high EQ.

Not going through proper channel is a big NO-GO for a Gov coy like ours.

Try to complain to our SVP about CC MGT? Or complain to CEO about SVP? See where you end up?

High in IQ may not ultimately means high in EQ.

Changes, I truly agree has to take place but not this way of slaughtering each other.

Lastly, a word of advice to those out there who still believe in overidding seniority, ranks and files - 书读太多, 会做事,但不会做人
Literally means - lots of "scholars" mentallity is to get the task done, in the process, they forgotten how to deal with humans, just like a machine.

My two cents worth

From A general graduate without Queens English

Anonymous said...
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Talak Cock said...

Good thinking. Why don't you start the petition. Stand @ Control @ start the petition during your off days. See how many people would agree with you.

Anonymous said...

@ Just a stewardess -
If you report for a flight well prepared , what is there to fear of ??? With the few exceptional ones who are notoriously known to be so "ON" their jobs that their radars will include scrutinizing your eye colours , your nails and your overall turnout. But they are hardly around these days and those days are gone and will not come back to haunt you anymore. But do you know that , when you walk out of the briefing room , there is this pride and there was this air of sophistication . When you walk into the airport , you know you are being watched and consciously you know you are on top of things.

Having flown for over 20 years , never once did I regret joining the airlines. I would still go for this job. Yes , it’s a shit job if you choose to look at it that way. But it can also be a dream job. It’s how you look at things. If people keep shunning you , then something is just wrong. In the good ole days , after we checked in , we make every effort to bond. We rush out and catch some local actions . There is always something to do. But look at our crew today ? It’s hibernation time. ZZZZZZZ , call time is just few hours away , the next day , if you look at the turn out and performance ????? Sorry to say , I rather have those older batches that may have partied the night before and still could hold their work positions well.

If there is too much of back stabbing and betrayal , how can you ever put any trust in your colleagues. There is always this fear that someone is going to get me. I had my fare share of pranks and jokes. But they were done in good taste and I just laughed it off. If you learn to mingle and interact , I am sure the bonding will fall in place. If you fly for a short while and already looking forward to your gratuity – it only speaks volume of your commitment. So who is causing this mismatch and frustrations. ? You mentioned you are on your own at most times. You eat , shop and do things alone, have you ever asked why ???? When I was a FSS in the early 80's , I had my fair share of zapping and flying rolls in the galley. But I also had a fair share of camaraderie . It all boils down to our mental attitude. We forget what happened in the galley and moved on after a flight. We do not bear grudges. On the next flight , we just become smarter and wiser. You got to see things in a broad perspective.

Perhaps we have grown so fast that some of them may not be ready . The older CC held their ranks and only got promoted after many YEARS of flying. But today , you may be donning the Green after a short flying stint. Older girls back then knew their work like the back of their palms. They were confident and they were street smart. They may not be first class honours but they are Masters in their trade. They carried out their work with finesse and distinction. They have pride and they have passion. ( It may be for money or for perks like what my Uncle BT mentioned ) but they camouflaged it well.

You don’t have to be born during my time to enjoy the glory and the pain of yesteryears . It all boils down to you to make that bonding , fun and passion the flavor of the day. Enjoy your flying days and make the best of things. Tell yourself that no one can break your day , not even the most “Kwai Lan” paxs. If you have the mental attitude , you will sure enjoy your flying years.

Love always

The lady in Red turning Purple !

Anonymous said...

The passengers doesn't pay you your salary and allowances,its the company that is paying you.So don't listen to those crap that passengers is your pay think like doing sales where you get commission by the amount of passengers that you have onboard on that particular flight you are on that day?Rubbish....whether your pay go up or down depand on how much the company have make in a financial year.And its the shareholders and the VP's pocket money(KPI) are the one who decide how much you should get for your pay and allowances.If only these greedy shareholders and inconsiderate VP's KPI are not kept low than the crew dont have to struggle...theres no end to all this and you can argue till the cow come home...and theres no end.If everybody just be considerate and be kind to one another,this will be a peaceful world and company ...

5yrs & counting said...

Pls stop critising the junior crew! Times have changed, Singapore has changed, the WORLD has changed! Cmon, let's get a move on.

THIS GENERATION is behaving like this not because we are born defective/rude/anti social/low EQ/studied too much/brain damage etc etc.. its the way we were brought up and socialised in this society.. the tv shows we watched, the education we received, the cyber world we are exposed to.. they are obviously WAY different from the 1980s! So stop comparing an apple to an orange.

Am i the only one who's seeing it here?

P.s. I'm not saying that ALL crew bad behaviour ought to be tolerated - and yes i've seen some really atrocious ones (!) - but try to spare a thought on our way the next time we do not perform up to the standards of the 1980s? Respect works both ways..PEACE OUT!

Anonymous said...

Well said Matahari...

I belonged to the late eighties and early nineties... yes... CC are all very close...
We work together and we attack the cabin together...

We are indeed on as our seniors are on and display the finese and style themselves too.